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I’ve been asked to become a Salata Blog Ambassador to share healthy tips with you. In fact, they sponsored this post and provided me with some nutrition facts.  That said, all my opinions I share on this site (including in this article) are my own.  


9 Filling Foods To Will Help You Slim DownSo. You want to lose weight. But you’re Just.So.Hungry. But what if I told you that you could add (or eat more of) certain foods and still lose weight? Turns out that there’s something to that whole food mindset.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, there isn’t a magic pill or fast track, but there is a time-proven method that will help you achieve a healthy weight. And the Standard American Diet isn’t really a big part of that.

Have you ever had a healthful salad for dinner and felt like you needed a nap? Probably not.

But, you’ve probably had some pizza and felt that way. That’s because lower-density foods are easier for your body to digest, while still promoting satiety.

Satiety: (“sa-TIE-atee”). the state of feeling full.

When you’re trying to lose weight, there are so many “diet” foods on the market that it’s tempting to just push your shopping cart around in the center of the store. Many restaurants aren’t much better, promoting butter-drenched vegetables as the “healthy” side dish.

I’m not saying butter is bad (I love Bulletproof Coffee as much as the next gal), but if you want to stay full while slimming down, chances are your eating habits could use a bit of an overhaul.

And guess what? There are lots of delicious whole foods that will help you stay full, and are meant to properly nourish your body.



Mangos are Smalls’ favorite food. They are also known in some circles as the ‘king’ of fruits, because they contain healthy doses of vitamins C, A, B6, as well as potassium and magnesium. 

Chia Seeds


Chia seeds are tiny powerhouses of nutrition. They contain under 100 calories per tablespoon, and because they expand in liquid, they’ll help to bulk up your food, but not you. Additionally, chia seeds are a great addition to salad dressings, overnight oats, and smoothies.

9 filling foods to help you slim downAvocado


Avocados are high in fiber (over 13 grams per fruit!), monounsaturated fats, and they’re downright delicious. They also make a wonderful addition to your breakfast, work great as a mayo replacement, and are super tasty on salads.



Pears are a staple in our house. They are full of fiber, nutrient-dense and one pear has over 5 grams of fiber. Plus, they’re in season! 



Nuts are a great addition to a healthy diet, as they contain quite a bit of fiber and are super portable. I never leave the house without a small bag of raw almonds.

Other favorites in my house are pecans, macadamia nuts, and hazelnuts.

9 Filling Foods To Will Help You Slim DownChicken


When you’re cutting out the junk, your body needs energy from the foods you do eat. Chicken is low in fat, high in protein, contains phosphorus (promotes healthy teeth and bones), selenium, and B vitamins. And it’s tasty. I love a the marinated chicken at Salata, and so do my boys.

I am currently addicted to their pesto chicken, and Ish is loving their chipotle marinade.



Do you ever wonder why blueberries are blue? There’s a flavonoid known as anthocyanins, that gives foods like blueberries, cranberries, red cabbage and eggplants their colors. These delicious little berries contain iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, manganese, zinc, copper, as well as vitamins C, B6, K, A, and E.



Not surprisingly, watermelons are mostly water. In addition, watermelon contains fiber, as well as significant levels of vitamins A, B6, and C.



Kale is amazing. It’s tasty, and full of fiber. Not to mention that it’s good raw or cooked. I love to add kale to my smoothies, and I even tossed it in my salad this weekend! If you’re not a kale fan, look for other dark leafy greens like spinach, spring mix, arugula, chard, and romaine.


9 Filling Foods To Will Help You Slim DownDon’t Let Restaurants Scare You


So many people are scared to eat out because many of the “healthy” options aren’t filling, or they order a salad, only to find out that it’s loaded with calories. I love making my own salads, but when you’re running around with the kids, that’s not always possible.

If we aren’t home for meals, we usually stop by Salata because they allow me to build my own salad and choose filling foods. They even have blueberries, mango, and watermelon this month! I have put all three on my salad this weekend….

Ish thought I was a little looney until he took a bite of my salad. It was divine. Don’t be afraid to seek out restaurants like Salata that allow you to truly be in charge of your food options. You can choose from a huge selection of greens, fruit and vegetable toppings, nuts, seeds, legumes, and more.

Find opportunities to be in control of your choices when you’re out of the house – like a salad station where you can control exactly what goes into your salad (and your belly).

So you’re not a salad person?

That’s okay! Look for soups (I am in love with Salata’s tomato soup!), which are filling, high in fiber and perfect if the weather takes a turn (though living in Texas, that’s a rare occasion this time of year).

Remember, as you begin eating healthier, higher quality foods, you’ll find that you start to crave them. It’s such an amazing feeling to crave a mango for dessert instead of half a pan of brownies.

Changes don’t happen overnight, and it’s okay (and recommended, at least by me!) to take it one day at a time, one non-scale victory at a time.

If your coworkers want to go out, make healthy suggestions. Take charge of your journey. You’ll be amazed at your progress this time next month!

Leave a comment below and share your stay-full tips!

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Tangflex workout review and giveawayWhen I first heard about Tangoflex®, I was a little skeptical. Don’t get me wrong, I love anything to do with dance…but Tango? And flexibility? Surely it was a gimmick…but it’s not, y’all. Not.At.All. This workout is the real deal. It’s currently kicking my butt into shape while helping to improve my posture and strengthen my mind-body connection.

If I had to put this workout into terms that someone who has followed me for any length of time would understand, I think that it would be this:

If Essentrics and Tara Stiles’ This Is Yoga had a baby? Tangoflex® would be it. 

Y’all, I love this workout, and I was thrilled to find out that it’s not just one workout-it’s 4. 4 workouts, 2 DVDs, and all of it’s awesome.

Let’s talk cueing-y’all know how I feel about bad cueing (early TAM workouts, anyone?)…and this is NOT one of those workouts. Victoria does a great job with her cues. She explains the movements, placement, and talks you through each transition so that you can really focus on your muscle-mind connection.

I also love the introduction-granted, I’m not usually one to watch the intros (the obligatory “don’t do this workout if” just drives me nuts because I can’t skip it), because usually the introductions are full of useless information…with Tangoflex®, that just wasn’t the case.


The Mind-Body Connection


I loved that the introduction helped me understand even more about about core strength, centering myself, energy, and the neuromuscular connection. Victoria is one smart lady! If you want to get to know your body better, watch the intro. It’s great.

I think that my favorite part of the workouts were the picture-in-picture variations for some of the stretches. It was nice to have a different option, and I really like this better than ‘backup’ exercisers. Having the picture-in-picture helps with proper form and isn’t distracting.

Now, I‘m not the most flexible person (flexibility is actually one of those things that I hate because I suck at it), but I didn’t feel limited or frustrated through these workouts.

I really enjoyed the relaxation at the beginning of the long routine. I may be guilty of falling asleep afterwards…once…okay, okay, twice. It’s really relaxing!  


Tangflex workout review and giveawayFeel The Flow


The stretches and sequences in all of the routines flow beautifully and feel like they are meant to go together. Thing of the best part of yoga meeting your favorite part of barre. My legs were shaking by the end (and so were my arms), but it was a good sore. I felt taller, and my back felt amazing.

I think my favorite workout is probably the 10 minute balance routine, though. It’s efficient, and great as a mid-day routine to get some energy out with Smalls while The Baby naps.

After doing these routines for a few weeks, I can honestly say that I feel as though my flexibility is slowly increasing, and my lower back pain has gone away. It’s awesome. I usually need to slather myself in Panaway after a workout, but haven’t needed it recently-and the only thing I changed was adding the Tangoflex® routines to my rotation.

The abs routine is hugely challenging for me, but I enjoyed it! I will be alternating with Dia Method until I feel that I’m ready for a more challenging ab sequence.

Each Tangoflex® workout includes:

tangoflex contest


  • 5 Minute Lower Back Stretch & Relieve Back Pain Routine
  • 10 Minute Balance Routine
  • 15 Minute Core Strength Routine

If you’re looking to increase your flexibility, or just add something really unique to your routine, get this. Seriously. It’s a great workout. 

I’m super, super excited to offer 3 of my readers a Tangoflex® DVD!

Enter below:

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Disclosure: Some links in this post are affiliate links, which means, at no additional cost to you, I may get a commission if you make a purchase. I ♥ your support. (want to know more?).

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victoria tangoflexI am so very excited to share an interview with Victoria, creator of the Tangoflex® workout (review coming later this week!). She’s such an inspiration-with a new baby, and a new workout, and huge dreams. Tangoflex® is an amazing flexibility workout-think Eccentrics meets P57…with attitude. I love it, and Smalls loves to do it with me! I’m hooked on the core routine in her original workout.

Tangoflex® focuses on flexibility, balance, core strength, and coordination.

The Tangoflex philosophy is to have fun, to love your body from the inside out, and to let your light shine through.
Tangoflex is about knowing and understanding your body and yourself.

Victoria’s story is inspiring, and her workouts are So.Much.Fun. I can’t wait to share them with you!

Tell me a little bit about your background-where you’re from, what you wanted to be when you (eventually) grow up, what’s your favorite food, etc.?

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I lived there till I was 19 years old. I always loved to help people and I am passionate about defending the ones that are less fortunate and cannot afford legal services.

I wanted to give them a voice, so I decided to become a lawyer. In Argentina you go to Law School right after high school and you study law for 6 years to become a lawyer. I did the first two years of Law before life took me to the United States.

Walk me through the step-by-step process that you went through to get to where you are today. What was the first thing you did? Next?

Everything started with training in ballet and in gymnastics at a very young age. Having that training caused me to develop a mind set and the belief that I can do whatever I set my mind to.

One of my dreams was to study here in the United States, so initially I thought of a possibility of a scholarship in gymnastics. But there were a few obstacles, one of them was that my parents did not want me to move to the United States.

I started studying English in order to take the SAT and required university tests. I began applying to several universities to see if I could get a scholarship in the sport that I love. One day I woke up and said: “I am going, I am going to make it all on my own.

I was ready to take on whatever challenges life may bring. So I came to the United States, at just 19 years old, I did not speak the language, I had very little money, and I was alone! I am a very independent person and asking my parents for money was never an option for me, especially as they wanted their ‘little girl’ home.

victoria tangoflex

I wanted my independence and did not want to ask for anything from anyone. I wanted to earn every accomplishment, little or big on my own. My mom always inspired me to get an education and to get a degree, and she said how important it is for women to get an education, because if you have education, you have power.

If you have power you can fly!

So the first thing I did when I arrived in the states was to enroll in college. I worked, I tutored other students in French, Spanish and Math, and meanwhile I was learning the language and the culture. I was even a cheerleader, and that was fun!

It took me about a year to learn the language and I started tutoring students in English Grammar. I majored in Advertising and Public Relations, and after graduating, I had to decide between going back to Law School or doing my masters.

I decided to do my masters in Interpersonal Communication and I was offered a scholarship, invited to become a member of an Honors Society, and was also given a teaching position. I worked as an Adjunct Professor of Communication.

A few years back I did not speak the language and now, here I was teaching college students about communication (and we were pretty much the same age!). That, along with my thesis and writing a few scientific articles that were published in the American Psychology Journal was my first true accomplishment.

These were accomplishments that overwhelmed me with happiness and a sense of pride. I remember that the day that I did my thesis defense: I got the most rewarding comments from the professors on my thesis committee. Their comments truly touched my heart and made me so humble, yet at the same time so very proud.

I believe in dreaming, but I also believe in hard work, in perseverance, in giving it all to accomplish your goals and your dreams.

In the meantime, I also taught fitness. I worked my full time job, then went to the University to teach and then to the gym to teach fitness. I was the instructor in the gym who taught the late fitness classes.  I taught one particular class called “Flexibility Yoga” where I worked with college athletes and dancers.

Many of them came to my class with sore muscles , back pain, muscle spasms. Others just wanted to increase their range of motion to perform more efficiently in their sports. What happened with this particular class was that the flow of the class and the format was so unique that participants started talking about it.

The class became so large that we started adding more classes. Every class reached their limit of members attending: 80 people per class!

Participants would tell me, “This is not a yoga class, but whatever it is, I love it!” The truth is that it was not a ‘yoga’ class, it was something different. I knew that something big was about to happen, I just didn’t know what.

I began investigating the benefits of stretching and flexibility from the physiological and functional aspects applied to different stages of people’s lives. Soon after I started to scientifically make sense of all of this.

After 15 years of teaching fitness and flexibility, Tangoflex® was born. I wrote my first book on flexibility and aging. I also researched why tango music has amazing effects on memory, patterns, and continuity of movement.


The combination of music and movement could have exponential results.

After writing the book I came across a neurosurgeon that was interested in the Tangoflex® method. He specialized in back surgeries and Parkinson’s Disease, so I started using the method with his patients. After practicing Tangoflex®, their pain went away.

Most patients did not need surgery, and for his Parkinson’s patients after only on or two Tangoflex® sessions, they could overcome some of their challenges, such as freezing attacks, improve turns, continuity in the walk and better posture, among others. It changed their lives!

That is my next project. Tangoflex® for Parkinson’s.

I had a huge demand for the class and gyms began contacting me to teach Tangoflex®. I got emails from from people who wanted to practice Tangoflex® from all over the States and even Internationally!

So I created the first Tangoflex® DVD, which includes a full 50 minute Tangoflex® class and 5 min lower back pain release routine; a 10 min Balance routine; and a 15 min Core Strength routine.

I want to share my passion with everyone!

I also work with athletes (tennis, baseball, dancers, golfers, MMA, soccer) and make specific flexibility training plans depending on the sport, age, and the athlete’s needs.

What is your fitness background?

I was a very active child. My mom always says that I could not stop jumping and flipping on the couches, chairs and everywhere around the house. I started ballet at age 3, then gymnastics at 5. A few years later I became a member of the National Gymnastics Federation where I competed for 12 years.

I started training and competing at a very young age. My life revolved around gymnastics. I started my day very early to do physical preparation, then went to school, then back to the gym. I practiced until 10:00 p.m. every night, and 5 hours on Saturday.

I basically grew up in a gym. Gymnastics (at a competitive level) requires full commitment, dedication, and concentration. You have to give it all: mind and body, to the sport. I did not see myself doing anything else.

Gymnastics taught me about dedication, concentration, and hard work; about physical and mental pain; and about overcoming obstacles. I continued to practice gymnastics in college. Life as a gymnast is very short, and as a very active individual I was very interested in sports and fitness.

It was when I got certified as a Group Fitness Instructor in everything related to fitness: Spin, Weight Training, Personal Training, Nutrition, Weight Loss. I also acquired Specialities Certifications, such as Pre and Post Natal Fitness, Metabolic Diseases and Disorders; Major Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases and Disorders; Osteoporosis and Osteopenia; Arthritis and Fitness; among others.

But I always had a special place in my heart for flexibility. I was not naturally flexible, I had to work extremely hard to gain flexibility. What I realized that there are no classes focused specifically on deep muscle flexibility.

I wanted to work on dynamic and static flexibility at the neuromuscular level, connecting body and mind, not only through a pose but maintaining flexibility through body movement.

I always practiced dance as well. I had classical training and at 15 years old I started Tango. Initially this was to choreograph a gymnastics floor routine, But I ended up falling in love with the dance and I continue Tango today. After 20 years of dancing tango, I am a professional tango dancer, choreographer, teacher, and performer.

When did you know that this was the path for you?

I love sports and fitness. I love every aspect of it. I also love to be able to back up ideas with scientific concepts. I love to research everything that is connected with the human body, specially body movement.

In Tangoflex® I emphasize the body-mind connection to our internal musicality, and how we project confidence through movement.

I put all of me, my experience, my passion, the scientific research, the connection between body and mind, the ability to believe, the physical aspects of the human body into my Tangoflex® Method. And everything came together.

victoria tangoflexYou just became a mom not too long ago…what was the most surprising thing about motherhood?

I became a Mom 5 months ago and to me the most surprising thing about motherhood was the instant, greatest, most pure kind of love. Nothing compares to that. People can tell you what it feels like, but you really understand it when it happens to you. I look into my baby’s eyes and I can communicate with him in a thousand silent ways. That connection is the most pure, selfless true kind of love.

Has motherhood changed your view on fitness? How?

When I was pregnant I recorded Tangoflex® For Mommies. This new workout is based on the Tangoflex® method, but is unique and different form other workouts out there. It is low impact and focuses on each specific challenge that we go through during pregnancy.

The workout prepares your body ready for delivery and post partum recovery. I filmed the DVD’s at the end of each trimester and doing those exercises ignited a special connection with my baby. I felt that we were working out together, even stretching together!

As a professional dancer your figure is very important and to me my body was the instrument that got me to reach the highest goals and achievements, in gymnastics and dance. However, after having the baby, the pressure of bouncing back and looking perfect right after delivering the baby went away.

I was overwhelmed with love that I did not even think about having my body back so soon. I loved this body now that just delivered a baby and I knew that I had to let time do its job. I started working out after 6 weeks of having the baby.

I kept doing the Tangoflex® for Mommies, but I reversed the trimesters, I started with the third trimester, that is low impact and focuses on breathing and relaxation and of course posture and core control, when I felt strong enough I moved to the second trimester and finally to the first trimester.

By the time I did the first trimeter exercises, at about 4 months after Valentino was born, I was at the body weight and shape I had before pregnancy. I started doing Tango shows at 3 months after delivering the baby.

The pressure I had was that we had scheduled shows as soon as 3 months after delivering the baby! I had to to fit in those show dresses, and I wasn’t sure they would fit!

Being a working mom is a big job! How do you find time?

Finding time is a challenge indeed!  What I learned when Valentino was born is to be 100% in the moment. Whatever I am doing I am there 100%:

  • If I am working, I give it 100%.
  • If I am with my husband enjoying family time, I am there 100%.
  • If I am with baby I am with him 100%.

I never feed my baby with my phone on my hand, I don’t even bring the phone with me when I am with the baby. I realized that they grow so fast. I don’t want to miss any moment.

victoria tangoflex


I have been with my husband for 15 years, married for 10 years (wow time flies!). We are professional Tango Dancers, instructors and performers. We traveled to the most exotic places to teach tango and to perform. I’ve been to India, Japan, Ecuador, Argentina, and Europe!

When Valentino came into the world, We did not want to stop doing the things we love, rather we wanted him to be part of it. At times is extremely hard to make it all work. I feel very lucky to have the best babysitter in the world: my mom! She comes with us and when we are performing my mom and my baby get to watch the shows.

What are you top 3 tips for new moms out there?

First, teach by example. Children are like little sponges. They observe everything!

Communicate with your children, husband, partner, and family. If there is something that is not working or not making you happy, communicate those feelings with your partner, don’t expect for them to understand what you are thinking, because they don’t! So make it easier on them and on yourself and talk about things that are bothering you or that need attention.

Take time for yourself. As women we are naturally predisposed to give. We give our time, our love, our patience, we give it all. Take time for yourself to recharge. Take an hour everyday to do something that you enjoy.

Take time to relax and breathe. For me this is the time when I do Tangoflex®, I put my own DVD and just follow directions I don’t think, I just do… I relax, I breathe and I stretch and my whole body seems to gain the strength I need and on the inside I feel like I just had an internal body massage. Priceless.

I also take a few minutes to read at night. This is the time that I like to read about things that have nothing to do with the business, but that make me grow as a human being.

If a child walked up to asking for your advice and you only had a few minutes to give ‘em your best tip, what would it be?

One of my favorite quotes from Gandhi is “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

If a child walked up to me asking for advice and I had only a few minutes I will tell him or her:

“Learn as much as you can, respect your peers and your elders and believe in your dreams. With education, sense of respect, and a dream, you can conquer the world!”

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Let’s face it. We ALL fail. We fall off the proverbial horse, bike, cart, wagon…. but it’s not in the falling that we truly fail. It’s in not seeing the upside to failure. The way I see it, you only fail if you don’t learn from your tumble.

failureFailure is a mirage that keeps us mired down. So you missed a workout…yesterday. What does that have to do with you hitting snooze today? Honestly, a lot! That missed workout has worked its way into your head. It’s now running the show because all you can think is #fail.

I get it. I’ve been there. In fact, I’m going to share something with you: I have spent the last year wallowing in my own version of failures. So I had an extra cookie. Automatically, I justify the rest of the sleeve. Seconds might as well have been a buffet. And yes, I was pregnant with a sick toddler…but what happened when the baby got here, I got help, and I was still stuck?

The thing is, it’s extremely easy to get STUCK. Stuck thinking that a slip is the start of a downward tumble. Yeah, I’m waxing philosophical here, but honestly, changing your attitude can turn Every.Single.Fail. into a massive success.

Stop Thinking You’ve Failed


Seriously. Just.Stop.It. Sure, I “slept in” until 7:30 a.m., which means I missed my 6:00 a.m. date with the elliptical…but does that mean my whole day is shot? NO! And neither is yours. When Smalls got sick, I felt like the ultimate failure. How could my kid be this sick? I wallowed in self-pity and ended up sucked down into focusing on failure.

But you know what? Thinking like that got me absolutely nowhere. It did push me down a very dark path to postpartum depression. It wasn’t until I had the revelation that I didn’t want to be that mom to my kids, or that wife to Ish, that I changed the way I view failure.

Now, I’m a firm believer that life is full of lessons, and I also believe that all of those lessons are taught out of love. Stay with me, here. Think about when our kids make mistakes. Do you get a better reaction from shame (fear and failure), or compassion (love)?

Be honest with yourself here. Love wins. Every.Single.Time. So if it works with our kids…why not with us? I recently devoured Gabrielle Bernstein’s book May Cause Miracles, and found myself nodding along with every statement. Love is such a powerful thing!

For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power, and love, and self-discipline.
{2 Timothy 1:7}


Viewing “Failures” As A GOOD Thing


We’re talking smalls shifts in your thinking here. I think that as we mature, we forget to look for the love in things. I know that I sometimes forget to focus on love and gratitude, but as a mother, I feel that its my responsibility to teach my boys this view.

6 Essential Steps To Move Past The Failure MindsetAnd you know what? I think it’s working! Smalls loves to workout with me, and he even “adopted” a stranded worm this morning (odd, I know). So I’ve been working hard to change, and if you want, you can, too.

It’s amazing how much your perspective changes when you look at life through a lens of positivity and gratitude. When I find myself getting mired down in a failing mentality, I try to take a step back and focus:

  1. Deep.Breaths. Count to 3, or 10, or 100…and calm
  2. What is the positive in this situation? (I promise you there is one!)
  3. Grab a pen and paper, and take a minute and write down that positive thought.
  4. If I could step outside my head, where would I see the love?
  5. Is this a catalyst for change or personal growth?
  6. What can you learn from this #fail?

I can already see you scrolling away. Don’t. I promise you that this works. Here’s an example from this morning:

Smalls came in and jumped on top of me, elbow in the boob (if you’ve nursed a baby, even for a few days, you know how much this hurts!), knee in the stomach, and Uglydoll in my face. UGH. I wanted to yell (it was my very first instinct!), or at least scream “THAT HURTS”…and I started to. I started to shove him off…and then I stopped. DEEP.BREATHS.

The positive? Smalls loves me…to death. HA!

Where’s the love? In preschooler snuggles-rough and tumble (and LOUD!) though they may be.

Personal growth? Heck yes! I’m trying to be more in the moment today. They’re only little once, right?

What did I learn? Sometimes you just have to get out of your own head and embrace life.

As for my journal, I take 5 minutes every morning before I get out of bed to write down 3 positive things about the day. Every.Single.Morning. Want to guess what was on my list today?

having a momentAnd yes, I missed my morning workout, but you know what? I think that was because I really needed to do some yoga with my big boy. We had so much fun. The love lesson I learned? I need to find creative ways to show Smalls my love-even if that means doing his favorite workout over, and over, and over…

Next time you fall, trip, stumble, or have a “moment” like Allyson over there, take a minute, take some deep breaths and look for the love in it. I promise you that it’s there, if you’ll just take a minute to find it.

What steps do you take to focus on love and positive energy in your daily experiences? Share with me below!


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So…I know I have a few weeks before I start my Whole 30. BUT. That doesn’t mean I’m not planning like crazy to make sure that this experience is a good one. So I’m working through the ways that we can make it a positive, money-saving, time-saving experience.

whole 30 tips


After all, if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. And it’s worth taking the time to some research. If you are considering taking on the Whole 30, do yourself a favor and read It Starts With Food.

Okay. So. Back to saving. I love finding ways to save!

And I figured that you might like to save some money (and time!), too! (Aren’t I such a nice person?)

Good Food FIRST


My very first thought is to prepare Whole 30-compliant freezer meals. Because I have little kids who run rails over me at dinner time.



I think that this is actually a fairly solid plan-especially since I’m a sucker for a good crockpot, freezer meal, or just about anything that doesn’t require a lot of prep around dinner time. Let’s face it: trying to feed all 4 of us is a challenge, and I love to make that time of day easier.

While I love freezer meals, I’m sure that I’m going to need to (or want to) cook at least once in awhile. Like on weekends, or if we manage to find a weekend when it’s not triple-digits to go camping. Which means I need to learn how to meal plan…for a Paleo diet.

primal plate meal plan


Of course, I’m a planner junkie. And meal planning is a part of that-but my previous staples just aren’t going to work. So I’m going to trust in someone who’s been there, done that for awhile until I’m in a groove. At least I feel like that is a pretty great plan.

I was feeling pretty good about my plan…when Ish asked what he could take for lunch. And I had a moment (kind of like the “moment” depicted in Mom’s Night Out-Google it.).

nom nom paleo lunch


I’m a huge fan of the NomNom Paleo Cookbook, and I don’t know why the though of Paleo lunches sent me over the edge, because I should have intuitively known that she’d have the answer (hint: she has ALL.THE.ANSWERS.).


Save Money And Thrive



As a busy momprenuer (I like fancy-shmancy titles.), it’s important that I have snacks ready to go since we are always on the go. It’s either time at the park, a business meeting, or conference call.

Thrive Market


We are always on the go. I was super excited to find Thrive Market, and even more excited to do a quick price comparison-did you know that they are actually cheaper than Costco or Whole Foods when you compare product to product? AND they deliver certified organic and natural products to your doorstep. Oh! And they are super, super affordable.

The Thrive Market’s business model lets them pass savings straight to their members (like me!).

Y’all. This is a seriously awesome find. It’s fast, easy, and really affordable.

AND, I got 15% off + a free 30 days of membership just for signing up (Their membership fee is averages out to about $5 a month, and I think, totally worth it.). Want to get on the bandwagon? Get your discount code!

And let’s face it, it’s hard to manage everything when you’re a wife, mom, blogger, and you work from home. But that does not mean it’s impossible! All it takes is some really, really good planning. I’ve got the meals covered…but what about groceries?

purely primal grocery list


I was OVER.THE.MOON. to find an amazing printable grocery list! I can literally go through and check off what I need! It’s really, really simple. I like simple.

I also like to keep lists of helpful tips. Did you know that the average family of 4 spends over $500 a month on groceries if they’re being “thrifty”? Obviously, to save money is a wonderful thing. 



I was super excited to find some awesome money-saving tips that I should (and will!) apply all the time now. And that’s not the half of it! I found tons of great tips and tricks to help make this experience as pain-free as possible!


Tips & Tricks


I had a near panic attack yesterday when I realized that in order to do Whole 30, I had to do a LOT of prep work. Now, the last time I did this, I didn’t have two little kids, and I was in a very, very different place in my life. It was 5 years ago! And I am pretty sure I didn’t call it “Whole 30″…at least, I don’t think I did.

whole 30 kitchen hacks


I’m not just talking about prepping for one person, or even two. We’re talking about 4 people. And I am sure that the majority of the prep will fall on my shoulders. So. I’m on a mission to find ways to help save time and prep for the days/weeks ahead.

And last but not least, I wanted to see if there was anything special I should be doing because of my thyroid.

You can read more about how my diet (and life) changed because of being diagnosed as hypothyroid here.



Apparently I have good instincts, because there is a special approach for autoimmune disorders!

What are your best tips for doing a round of Whole 30?
Leave a comment below and tell me!

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