10-Minute Workouts For Busy Moms

We are all busy and running from here and there. This makes it hard to commit to working out at least 30 minutes a day. While I try to get in 30 minutes, sometimes it’s next to impossible. Don’t worry, if you’re like me and struggling too, you can be excited to know about these 10-minute workouts for busy moms! 

10-Minute Workouts For Busy Moms

If you feel sluggish, tired, and even depressed it could be because you aren’t getting enough exercise. Our bodies crave working out even though our brains tell us to forget about it. This is a struggle so many of us face every day! Whether you are a working mom or stay-at-home mom you know how many demands there are on you each day. 

Sometimes working out is so far from our minds! I know there are many times when I finally get a minute to myself I will doze off scrolling through Facebook. But, once I started fitting in these short 10-minute workouts here and there I ended up with way more energy. Try it for 1 month and see how you feel at the end. I’m confident you will have more energy and feel so much better. Plus, once it becomes a habit it’s a lot easier to stick with it. 


If you have a set of stairs in your home, you have a built-in workout center that you didn’t even realize! Set a timer for 10 minutes and begin going up and down the stairs. Don’t try to go too fast so you don’t fall and get hurt, but make sure you are winded and can barely carry on a conversation. 

Grab some earbuds, weighted gloves, and ankle weights if you want to step up your game. Music will help keep you energized and working harder. Plus, adding weights will help you burn even more calories. Since you are working out for 10 minutes instead of 30 you need to make sure that every minute counts. 

Easy To Do Exercises

When I say easy to do exercises, I mean you don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment to make it work. You should push yourself to work harder each time you try. These general exercises are wonderful for a whole body workout. Take a look.

  • Push-ups – Remember back in gym class you could do so many more push-ups because you were already active in other sports? Well, with a little bit of work you can efficiently work your arms and shoulders by doing push-ups. As you get stronger they will become easier and you will be building muscles. Just make sure you are using proper form so they really work for you. 
  • Lunges – Whether you stand in place and do the lunges or you do them across the room, it doesn’t take long to start to feel them working. Your legs will feel a little wobbly after the first few times and they may even hurt for a few days. But after you start doing them more frequently you can do more and they won’t hurt near as bad. 
  • Crunches – When doing crunches it’s important to keep your back flat on the floor and make sure your neck isn’t hurting when doing them. If your neck hurts you aren’t doing them correctly. You should use your ab muscles to lift yourself up. 
  • Squats – If you are wanting to work your legs and butt, then squats are a great place to start. Make sure each time you stand up you flex your butt so you can get the most of the workout. 

These are just a few exercises you can alternate between. Pick a number of moves and do each one for 30 seconds up to 1 minute at a time. Try to use the best form possible and get as many in as you can. 

Watch Workout Videos

There are tons and tons of workout videos online, on YouTube and that you can buy that are quick and easy-to-follow 10-minute workouts. Try out a few to see what you enjoy and do that. Working out at home can actually be a lot of fun when you pick something that you like. You don’t want every workout to be utter torture. 

These 10-Minute Workouts For Busy Moms will get you in shape, give you energy and allow you to spend some time on yourself without the guilt. #workout #10-minutes #easy #simple #fast #breagettingfit

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