12 Tips To Help Survive Daylight Savings

For years (like 4 years, y’all), I had to write 2 daylight savings articles a year. TWO ARTICLES EVERY YEAR.

And every year my client and I would spend literal hours on the phone trying to figure out if we were falling back or springing forward.

And I always, always ended up super stressed out and probably cried a bit.

And here I am again talking about Daylight Savings. Circle of life, right?

Who ACTUALLY understands Daylight Savings?

I just think its the universe trying to screw with me or something! LOL

It just completely throws me off my routine and I feel all over the place. I lose my ME time and taking care of what I need to get done because I’m running getting everything else done.

Self-care seems to be all the rage these days, but in reality, there is a good reason for that.

For far too long we have been living high-stress lives; Lives that are led by busy schedules and demanding jobs.  The time has come for y’all to start caring for yourselves and focusing on your health and happiness.

What does that mean?  

That means that you need to choose to start self-care habits that will help your body.  You will feel better, be more energized and have a better mindset if your body is being cared for better.

survive daylight savings

Get more sleep.

Aiming for at least 7 hours of sleep each night is key to keeping your body well rested.

It’s dream, y’all, isn’t it?

Drink more water.

Drinking at least half of your body weight in ounces of water per day is considered ideal. I know this is hard for some of us but it doesn’t mean you can’t be creative about it. I’m constantly looking for new things to try and I have recently been into fruit water fun!

Work out.

YEP, you need to exercise.  Exercise is one of the best things that you can do for your body.  You can start slow though, any amount of exercise is good. When I first started I had NO clue on where to start or if I was even doing it right, so I started doing some free workout videos!

Take a warm bath.

Ease those stressed out muscles by relaxing in a hot bath.  It’s a great way to unwind. Using bath bombs make these baths extra relaxing and leave you feeling like a whole new you! During this time of year, I LOVE to DIY these Pumpkin Spice Bath Bombs or even a simple DIY Anti-Stress Bombs will do the trick!

Eat healthily.

No, I didn’t say diet.  I said to eat healthily.  Fueling your body with nutritious food is one of the best things you can do for yourself. One of my favorite things to do is to create and try out new recipes. Some of the ones I have tried recently are Coconut Flour Apple Muffins and Paleo Spicy Turkey Meatballs. If those recipes didn’t get to you, then my post about the benefits of healthy eating will definitely get you in the right mindset!


Yep, a simple stretch a couple of times a day helps your muscles relax and your mind refresh. A while ago I did the 100 Pilates Challenges and my life completely changed! My brain seems to rewire and I am able to relax and concentrate so much more.

Have no regrets.

Many of us look back on the past and feel regret.  Do your best to let it go.  The stress you are holding onto is only causing your pain and problems.

Take a day off.

Again, we work too hard and stress too much.  Taking a day off can do wonders to lower your stress.


That’s the point. We need to make time and take care our selfs because in the end, what good are we if we are not okay?

Get a massage.

Pampering yourself with a massage is a great way to unwind and destress, which helps those muscles. Grab your girlfriends (or maybe a hot date with the hubby?) and hit the massage parlor… Do people even call it that anymore? LOL


When you smile, it relaxes muscles in your face, which will then move on to relaxing other muscles.  Even if you don’t feel like smiling, fake it til you make it, as they say.

Take 3 deep breaths.

This will help to oxygenate your blood and your body and leave you feeling refreshed. If you been wanting to start yoga because you’ve heard how good it is if for you and how it helps to meditate, read this post about my 9 Surprising Reasons To Start A Yoga Practice! 

Take a nap.

Aim for a 10-20 minute nap and see how refreshed you feel when you wake up. Gosh, I love naps! I’m pretty sure I was a cat in another life…

Don’t let Daylight Savings get to you! Remember, take care, be the best you can be and everything else will follow!

What are your daylight savings tips?

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