20-Minute Salsa Chicken

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Salsa chicken is a staple in our house…but the last time I made it the salsa I grabbed from the store gave me heartburn, was too spicy for the kids, and just didn’t taste fresh.

salsa chicken

So this time, I decided to use some of my Thrive Life food storage goodies to see if I could improve the recipe. The chicken is gone. Normally we have leftovers for a few days, but this time, it’s been everyone’s go-to snack, including mine.

And, it was so incredibly easy! I used my Instant Pot (because why not), and then tossed my salsa ingredients (below) into it with 2 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breast and one can of black beans. Be sure to close the vent and use the “poultry” setting for 20 minutes. When it’s depressurized, open the lid and pour the chicken and salsa (notice I did not need to add water to rehydrate my Thrive Life goodies) into a bowl.


If you are like my boys, you’ll also want rice. Thankfully, the Instant Pot doubles as a rice cooker (7-in-1 kitchen gadget anyone?). To make rice, quickly wash out your cooking pot, and add 1 cup of rice and 1 3/4 cups water. Use the “rice” setting with the vent closed to cook your rice. While the rice cooks, shred your chick with tongs and a couple forks.

If you choose to make rice, know that this will add about 10 minutes to your total cooking time. Once the rice is done, you just need to assemble your bowl. I layered the rice with some leftover refried black beans, the salsa chicken, and a rather generous dollop of guacamole (good fat, people!).

This was seriously the easiest recipe ever-and it tasted like it was fresh from the garden. What is your favorite fast recipe for weeknight dinners? Share it below!

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