3 Benefits of a Bone Broth Fast

Have you been considering a bone broth fast and are still wondering exactly how it may benefit you and your life? If you’re on the fence about giving it a try, these tips and a bit of information might help make that decision just a little bit easier for you.

When you stop and think about your health, why comes to mind? Does your day-to-day life have you feeling pretty good or do you feel more as though you’re a train who’s just trying to constantly make it up a hill?

Trust me…I’ve been right where you are. And don’t get me wrong. Some days are great. There are days when I wake up and I’m just pumped full of energy. Those days are amazing. But honestly, as I’ve gotten older, those days are getting further and further apart.


This is truly what prompted me to make a change and to incorporate bone broth into my life. (and not just any bone broth..specifically the light and delicious flavor of Kettle & Fire’s Bone Broth)

Before I dive into the benefits of a bone broth fast, it’s important to point out that this isn’t something to take lightly. Consult with your physician to see if this is an activity that works well for you and your health before trying.

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What is bone broth?

While there can be different varieties, the bone broth that I recommend from Kettle & Fire is made from animal bones and connective tissue. It’s simmered for a long time and has specific herbs and spices added into it. And while it can come from several different animals, I’m super pleased with the Beef Bone Broth and the Chicken Bone Broth because they have a really great taste and flavor.

Can you lose weight on a bone broth fast?

Yes, you can. And more than likely you will. But here is the thing to keep in mind. Not all bone broth fasts have to be about just losing weight. They can be used to help you become more disciplined, have a mild sort of cleansing or just as a way to help cleanse your gut a bit to get it back on track.

How long does a bone broth fast need to last?

There is no magic number. Bone broth fasts can be for 24 hours, 3 days or longer depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. Again, before you do anything, always consult with a physician to make certain that you’re treating your body well and doing what is best for you at the same time.

3 Benefits of a Bone Broth Fast

Now that you know a bit of history and information about bone broth fasting, let’s dive in and talk about a few of the benefits of it as well.

  • Gives your skin a nice, healthy glow

Did you know that the look and color of your skin can often give away your health to others easily? While you may not see it when you’re looking in the mirror, others may see a difference in your health just by a quick peek at your skin.

Drinking bone broth can help with that! Bone broth has collagen in it from the bones and that can actually help to give your skin a healthier glow and look! There are even some studies out there that have said that over time, drinking bone broth can help reduce cellulite in the skin as well.

  • Can help make your gut and stomach happier and less bloated 

People who suffer from IBS or other forms of uncomfortable stomach issues can find comfort in drinking bone broth. The collagen found in the broth can with the lining of the GI tract and help with any type of issues that may have been giving you grief from before.

The protein that forms after the collagen is broken down in your body can then help with tummy issues or other leaky gut symptoms as well.

  • Bone broth can help combat those “sick” germs

Many people tend to up their broth intake during the winter months when they’re wanting to avoid the cold and flu season. This is because bone broth is made up of bacteria that can actually help protect you and your immune system from those “bad guys” out there. Adding in some bone broth to your soups and chilis is always a beneficial and good idea!

What bone broth do I recommend?

While there are many options out there to choose from, I recommend Kettle & Fire’s bone broth selections for these main reasons:

  • Their packaged bone broths are simmered for over 20 hours giving a stellar taste and flavor
  • All broths are hormone and antibiotic free
  • Animal bones used are grass-fed beef of pasture-raised chickens

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Plus, their bone broths are approved for Whole 30, ketogenic, and paleo diets which means that they can be supplemented and used in so many recipes as well.

If you’re considering a bone broth fast, take the time to educate yourself before making a decision. Talk to your doctor about the pros and the cons and then choose a route that works best for you.

Taking charge of your health isn’t hard to do! You have the ability to make the change today!

Have you ever attempted a bone broth fast before?

Should you try a bone broth fast? What are the benefits of grass fed beef bone broth? Learn about the healthy collagen and nutrients contained in delicious broth, that will keep you fueled up and feeling great. Make your own or buy high quality, shelf-stable bone broth. #bonebroth #diet #healthy #weightloss

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