3 Ways I Rock My Period Like A Girl Scout

If you’re female, you probably deal with your period each month. If you don’t, I’m jealous. I’ve gotta tell you, I used to dread my period. I hated the cramping, the hiding, the granny panties…. It’s just not fun. Or it wasn’t.

Guys, I realize that there are very few of you who actually want to read this, so if you’d rather skip out here, I understand. 

How I rock my period

But. If you’re female, you’re going to want to read this. Trust me.

Yesterday, I started “shark week”. I even use cute little stickers in my planner so that I can track Aunt Flo. And normally, I have a full on melt down-I get crampy, cranky, put on my “period panties” and curl up on the couch.

Not this time. This time, I was prepared. I had some cute new pads (yes, my pads are cute), awesome hygiene wipettes, and an improved-upon attitude. Even getting covered in sugar free chocolate couldn’t ruin my day.


Now, normally, I dread my period. I just want the thing to stop. Now. This month, I’m on it. Like super on it. I’ve got this thing covered. I was a Girl Scout, after all. So, for all you women out there who also have periods, first, let me say you ROCK. And, I’m going to share with you how I’ve decided to rock my period this month:

Pack Like A Girl Scout

How many times have you been in the store and “suddenly” you’re in need of a pad? That’s me. Every.Single.Time. For someone who prides herself on organization this had to change. I carry a small bag, mind you, so whatever I found was going to have to fit in the tiny space and it needed to not embarrass me.


I’m currently obsessed with U by Kotex. I keep at least 3 in my purse at all times.

They don’t look like pads! I even had one fall out of my purse as I was getting my wallet and the guy behind me (bless his heart) handed it back without flinching. This is huge, ladies. Talk about #periodpower!

Other necessities for my small bag are:

  • Individually wrapped cleansing wipettes
  • Lip stain
  • Chapstick
  • A pen
  • A small pack of Post-Its
  • 5-10 Business Cards
  • Travel-sized lotion
  • A protein or whole food bar
  • My wallet

…and yes. It all fits.

Oh! And, because I’m a huge fan of saving money, these super cute pads (and tampons) are on the Cartwheel app! You can get them for 15% off!!

Be Confident

Periods are no fun. And if someone comments and tells me that they don’t get cramps and can’t figure out why I need cute pads to make my period bearable…move along.

If you’re like me, you can’t really do much about the cramps. Sure, you can oil up, and you can use quality products, but in the end it’s about attitude.

I love the fact that my pads are super absorbent, cute, and very, very stylish.

U by Kotex

I don’t have a problem sifting through my {very small} purse to get to things because people don’t know what they are (though they’ll likely say something about U by Kotex after reading this…). This is huge!

I can keep pads in my bag all month long-which means that whenever “shark week” happens, I’m ready.

Be Healthy

You never know when you’re going to need to duck into a {shudder} public toilet. Yeah, yeah. I’m a wimp. And a germaphobe. And for some reason it’s always worse when you have to change your pad in a public toilet while you’re trying to entertain your almost-2-year-old.


I found these really cool wipes made by SweetSpot Labs. Y’all. These are amazing. They smell divine, and I’m usually not one for smells, especially when it involves my period. But I digress.

When you have to use a public restroom, it pays off to bring your own goods.


I’ve been known to freak out in when using germ-infested toilets. Having a wipe that cleanses? Brilliant (and far more sanitary!).

And, because they’re awesome, Target has SweetSpot Labs goodies for 15% off in their Cartwheel app. They make wipes AND a really awesome smelling body wash. I’m totally addicted. Oh, and they’re 98% natural. Ninety.Eight.Percent.

So there you have it. You can be like me and rock your period. It’s really just three simple things:

  1. Pack well
  2. Be smart
  3. Be healthy

How do you feel about #periodpower?

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  1. Stacy on March 23, 2016 at 10:44 am

    Your pictures in this post are great! I am glad to know I’m not the only one who is not embarrassed about this subject…ask me anything! Haha after I had my 2nd kiddo, I noticed when I would squat down my tampon would “slip out” a little…like I could feel it at the opening :-/ so I asked my gyno and he had no suggestions for me but confirmed my suspicion it was totally my son’s fault (LOL jk) anyway, I found a post about menstrual cups…did some research, ordered one and totally fixed the problem! Not sure how “natural” they are, but they are thirty (only buy once vs $10-$15 every month on pads/tampons) and I only have to “empty” it once a day so it’s almost like not being on my period at all! Other than that I pack back up supplies in my diaper bag and each vehicle just in case! Having some healthy chocolate on hand helped my mood a lot this month too LOL 🙂 loving your posts btw

    • Brea on March 23, 2016 at 10:49 am

      Thanks for sharing!

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