4 Reasons Why You Need Lists in Your Life

I’ve mentioned before that I work from home in addition to my awesome blog (total self-promotion here, y’all), I work as a virtual assistant, and am working on some pretty amazing classes that will be available soon. That being said, I’m also taking some enrichment classes, semi-homeschooling (Smalls goes to a

That being said, I’m also taking some enrichment classes, semi-homeschooling (Smalls goes to a co-op 3 days a week and we do school at home as well)…

Suffice to say, I’m very, very busy. All.The.Time.

And I balance everything using lists. The lists started as a way to keep track of my VA deadlines, assignments, and such…and it’s morphed into so much more! I went from feeling like I was losing my mind to being able to check a box when I completed a project.

Let me tell you, quite honestly, lists have saved the few shreds of sanity I have left. 

They’ve also helped manage my mama brain.

That’s a real thing, y’all.

why you need lists

So. I started making lists. At first, I used Post-Its but that was a disaster of epic proportions. There were notes stuck everywhere! And of course, the boys wanted to decorate them for me. So I ended up with blacked out notes (Smalls’ current color of choice is black), missed appointments, and chaos.

Get a Planner

So I started to look for a better system. Because I obviously needed one. Part of that system is using a quality weekly planner (I love Erin Condren ) to inventory my week, as well as have all of my appointments in one place.

I also use the monthly spread as an editorial calendar for this blog! I love having all of my major events and appointments in one place…but sometimes I need a more detailed list.

Like when I’m working on a large project, or have a number of last minute errands to run, or even daily chores, I prefer a larger list space. In fact, Erin Condren makes a great “To Do” list pad that I’m loving. I also use her weekly pad to help Ish and I coordinate everything, including meals, classes, business trips, etc.

So I’m here going on and on about my love of lists…let’s get to why you should care (and why you need to start making lists of your own!).

Let’s Recap

Making lists can really help when you’re feeling like you’re barely there and your brain has checked out. It can also help when you have a ton on your plate. Lists:

  • help improve your focus.
  • give you an ego (and self-esteem) boost as you check off your accomplishments.
  • help reduce both stress and anxiety. 
  • help provide clarity and can improve decision-making skills.

Did I mention that lists reduce stress? Yup. My big reason right there.

Why do you make lists?

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