5 Fall Essential Oils for Your Home

Fall has snuck up on us and it’s glorious!

Those dog days of summer are almost gone and it’s time to break out the hoodies, sweaters, and s’mores.

With it brings a kaleidoscope of colors, the changing leaves, crisp cool air and pumpkin everything. It’s truly a season of change!

OUT with the old and IN with the new!

While you’re taking down the pool and storing that lawnmower for good, don’t forget to change up your essential oils!

Y’all know how I am with oils. I CAN’T live without them! One of my favorite things is to pair them up and create blends with the seasons.

Bring the essence of autumn indoors!

Make Your Home Smell Like Fall With These 5 Essential Oils:

Clary Sage

This warm aromatic essential oil offers a nutty, yet slightly sweet fragrance. It quickly uplifts mood and is touted as one of the best smelling oils in the world due to its deodorizing properties and refreshing scent. Clary Sage offers tranquility and calm; for me, the aroma reminds me of the squirrels and chipmunks hiding their nuts and the fall foliage that surrounds us this time of year.


Spice up autumn with the warm scent of Cloves. Popular during the Thanksgiving holiday, Clove offers a warm woodsy aroma in a powerful essential oil.  Clove is known to support emotional and mental wellness and can be just what the doctor ordered at your next gathering.  Directly associated with the holiday season, clove essential oil enhances the memories and magic of it all with its warm, spicy scent.

Cinnamon Bark

Have a happy harvest with this cinnamon spice! Cinnamon Bark reminds me of fall festivals, trick-or-treat and the Thanksgiving feast we so look forward to. This ‘hot’ essential oil is diffused for its spicy, cinnamon-y aroma while helping to fight off the funk that comes from the change of the seasons. A wonderful addition for the fall, Cinnamon Bark creates and warm and inviting environment for your family and friends.


Patchouli offers a rich, earthy aroma that reminds me of cozy autumn days and crisp fall nights. A musky, woodsy scent that offers a complex aroma; Patchouli essential oil may not be for everyone. Those that appreciate it adore its powerful and unique scent; often used in perfumery Patchouli is the perfect oil for freeing the mind and spirit and a great choice for meditation and calm. Representing the bare branches of the trees, Patchouli is a must-have for both the fall and winter season. I like to diffuse Patchouli in the late afternoon or early evening before heading out for hayrides, football, and bonfires.


The perfect essential oil for fall because we love pumpkin patches, warm cider, and toasty treats. Nutmeg has a warm, spicy scent that is both inviting and invigorating. The energy that nutmeg essential oil brings uplifts mood and encourages camaraderie. Combine with the essential oils of Ginger, Sweet Orange and Clary Sage for a DIY pumpkin blend.  Nutmeg has a delicate aroma with a hint of sweetness that represents those early days of autumn. Celebrate the first day of school and leaf your worries behind with Nutmeg.

Saying goodbye to summer doesn’t mean you HAVE to give up fun, family, and friends. Fall is the perfect time to plan a camping trip, enjoy the fall festivals and make a trip to your local pumpkin patch.

Make memories and bring them home with you by diffusing the wonderful scents of these fall essential oils!

Which is your favorite essential oil this Fall season?

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  1. Carroll W on March 21, 2021 at 1:13 am

    Many thanks for the Beachy Clean recipe. I am in the midwest visiting a dear relative who’s had a stroke and trying to create a little beachy cheer in her nursing home room. We found a neat ocean pic at hobby lobby and a sound machine that makes ocean sound. Theres numerous beach scent recipes that use different oils..we were experimenting with how many drops of each…this is a great recipe..i would have never thought to use as much lime..but its great..the lime doesnt overpower either. thank you so much

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