5 Tricks for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays will be here before you know it, and you know what that means. 

Holiday weight gain.

Okay, that’s not really what we should focus on with the holidays, but the truth is that many of us do.  So, how about this year we go into the holidays with a plan to make sure that we don’t add on those extra holiday pounds?  This doesn’t mean that we can’t still enjoy the holidays though!  With just a couple of smarter choices, we can be sure to enjoy the season and avoid the dreaded weight gain.

If you would like to join me in my journey for avoiding holiday weight gain, let’s do it! 

Here are 5 tricks for avoiding weight gain that won’t affect my holiday fun!

Avoiding Weight Gain


Maintain your exercise routine.

Many of us slack on our exercise routines during the wintertime, which makes it easier for all of those holidays treats to stick to our hips.  If you maintain your current exercise routine, it allows for a little more wiggle room in your snacking.

Watch the cocktails.

For the most part, cocktails are fine.  They can significantly add to your calories though if you don’t pay attention.

First of all, it is easy to drink your calories without realizing that is what you are doing, which is true for any drink that you enjoy (soda, mochas, etc).  Second, it’s important to take note of what drinks you are having.  If it includes lots of syrups, creams or juices, the calorie content is going to be much higher.  Third, always be sure to enjoy a glass of water in between your cocktails, it keeps you filled up on water instead of the drink, plus it helps to avoid hangovers.

Don’t hover around the snack table.

Holiday parties are full of delicious food, we all know this.  Make sure to center yourself near the people instead of the food.  It’s too easy to graze on all of the tasty snack food if you are standing right there by the table.  Your best bet is to visit with other party goers or concentrate on other non-food activities at the party.

Eat healthy before the party.

If you are on your way to a holiday party, one easy trick to make sure you do not overeat is to be sure to eat small, healthy meals before you leave to go to the party.  This will help you keep your portions in check once you are eating all of the rich desserts.  All of the delicious dishes, pies, desserts, cookies and other treats are very tempting, but if you go to the party without being too hungry, it is easier to control your hunger.

Stick to the protein dishes.

If you are presented with a platter of food to choose from, try to stick with the proteins such as turkey, ham, cheese, etc.  These foods will help you to stay fuller longer which will, in turn, help you to avoid binging on rich desserts and unhealthy carbs.

Avoiding weight gain IS possible but it just takes a little bit of thought, planning and being on your A game!

What are your tips for avoiding weight gain this holiday season?

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