6 Things I Used To Take For Granted (Before I Broke My Leg)

So, in case you didn’t see my previous posts, I broke my leg. Or rather, my fibula. Regardless, there are things that I think most of us take for granted. Like showering. Showering is hard when you have a bum leg and have to hop in and out on crutches. Hard is probably not a strong enough word…let’s go with terrifying, shall we?

When I broke my leg, I didn't plan on being so dependent!

And don’t get my started on being able to put lotion on dry skin! That is a seriously luxury, y’all. And, had I not broken myself, I never would have realized how lucky I really am (normally) do be able to do these random things.


If you’ve never tried showering with a cast, a garbage bag, duct tape, and an overly helpful 5 year old, you should really try it. It’s quite entertaining. Thankfully, I found this awesome doohickey hat will allow me to ditch the tape (that stuff hurts coming off!), and keep my leg dry on Pirates of The Caribbean next week!


You wouldn’t think it, but I have an incredibly hard time moving around the kitchen efficiently. I’m on crutches, and it sucks. I actually slipped and fell on some sardine oil last week and thought that I may have broken something else in my leg. Thankfully another x-ray showed that it’s just the one break.

For the next few months, it’s super important that we have quick, easy to prepare meals, and thankfully, a good friend had a meal prep party where I was able to prepare 10 organic, healthy main dishes to feed myself and my family while we recover. I plan to repeat this process when we get back from Disney.

Working Out

I can’t put any weight on my foot. None. Nada. Zilch. Which means no squats, no lunges…and no barre. I’ve had to get creative with my workouts, focusing on what I can do in my limited state. This means that I’m spending a lot of time on the floor (very carefully) doing sit ups, push ups, and calisthenics.

e`e23  ←  I was going to delete that, but The Baby was helping me write. That’s his contribution, so it stays.

Peeing Alone

I know, I know. I’m a mom. I get it. I turned in my pee alone card when I birthed my boys, BUT, they both insist on helping me to and from the bathroom. It’s sweet, but we had just passed the stage where I honestly couldn’t pee alone. I miss it.

Walking Up The Stairs

Yes, I realize I can technically “walk” using my crutches, but unless you’ve actually tried this, don’t tell me how easy it is. I really don’t relish falling down and breaking something else, so I crawl up and scoot down (on my butt). I cannot wait to walk again!

Roller Derby

Yes, I was just getting started, and I am kicking myself for getting hurt, but I miss it. I took practices for granted, and you can bet that I’m going to push harder and get stronger once I don’t have a bum leg.

What things do you take for granted?

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