6 Things You Need To Do Post-Workout

Finding the time in a busy week to squeeze a few minutes of exercise shows commitment and discipline which many people may not have-and post-workout? It’s worse.

But, did you know that your body changes every three days?

Moreover, when you stop working out, according to Dietz, “muscle mass will start to decrease as fibers lose their fat-burning capabilities, and in turn, you’ll lose strength.”

6 Things You Need To Do Post-Workout

Everyday muscles may not show immediate changes but that’s because they have a slower changing pace face. So, it is still best advice to at least workout every other day. Whether you love your boxing and circuit training or you are more of a weight lifting kind of girl, taking care of your body after a workout is important to be able to exercise the next day.

You have to consider your food intake as well as your cooling down routine,  here are some ways you can take care of your body once the workout is done, to show yourself some love after that grueling hour.

Cool Down

Often, people will make time for a long workout but they will say they don’t have a few extra minutes to spare for the cool down period. The thing is, the cool down routine is important for the body because it “reduces heart and beating rates, it gradually cools down body temperature, it returns muscles to their optimal length-tension relationships, it prevents venous pooling of blood in the lower extremities and it restores physiologic systems close to baseline.”


Stretching after a workout is important as it helps the body be more “pliable” and thus you will be less prone to injuries. Moreover, stretching helps improve flexibility and it “increases blood and nutrient supply to muscles, thereby possibly reducing muscle soreness.”


You may have sipped some water throughout the workout but drinking a good amount of water after you exercise is important, especially if you sweat a lot. Always carry enough water with you so that when you are heading home or to the office, you can continue to hydrate. You can also opt for an energy drink at this time, if the workout was super intense, but be careful not to drink one after every workout because of the extra calories.

The Right Food

Often after a workout we automatically grab the first carb filled food we see but the best way to fuel your body after a grueling session is with protein rich food. Go for a grilled chicken and a plate of vegetables if it is dinner time or make yourself an egg white omelet loaded with vegetables so that you can feel full for longer. If you eat only carbs, then you will feel hungry much sooner and pile up more calories than you actually burned.

A Warm Shower

When the workout is a grueling one, tension can build in your neck and in other areas and one way to ease this tension is by taking a warm shower to loosen up any tightness in the muscles.

Soak Your Clothes

Despite not concerning your body directly, having clean clothes is important for hygiene. Sometimes, despite washing our sports bra in the washing machine, we can still smell that lingering scent of sweat.

These days you can find gym clothes for women that are top quality, breathable items, nevertheless, soaking things like your sports bra in some detergent and then putting it with the rest of the load in the washing machine will lead to the complete elimination of the smell of sweat.

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