Ways to Keep Your Sanity Intact

 – Do you ever feel like you’re losing your mind with everything you have to keep track of? Between work, school, work, home, the kids, the husband…. It can be hard to keep your sanity intact.

6 Ways to Keep Your Sanity Intact

I swear. Some days I feel like I’m losing my ever-loving mind. And it’s not just some days. Lately, it feels like all the time. Maybe it’s because school is about over (how did that happen?!), or because I’ve been implementing my own version of The 5 AM Miracle, which is helping me feel more put together during the day.

6 Ways to Keep Your Sanity Intact

I have been working hard to make measurable changes in my day and how I manage things…and it’s helping! I am feeling better, my weight loss finally started again (stalling for weeks on end is the worst!), and I’m getting way more accomplished in my day than I thought possible.

Ways to Keep Your Sanity Intact – Workout First

Exercise may seem exhausting, but it’s actually quite exhilarating and can give you energy. Sure, the first few times you get up early to workout you’re probably going to want to take a nap, but I promise it gets better.

Morning exercise actually boosts your metabolism and can skyrocket otherwise mediocre results. Plus, when you work out in the morning, you actually will continue to burn calories for hours after. Not to mention that you’ll be using your energy reserves (that fat you want to lose) to fuel your body.

I have found that getting up just 30-40 minutes early allows me to get a workout in and still get everyone fed, clothed, bathed (including myself), and get Smalls off to school on time.

Ways to Keep Your Sanity Intact – Limit Technology

Now, I spend a lot of time online (I mean, how else am I going to write to you), so while most people will flatly say that you should put the phone down, turn off the computer, or just step away…I know that you can’t always do that. Instead, I’ve found that putting my foot down about when I can be online or on my phone has helped me to reconnect with the kids, my health, and my hubby.

Technology can actually cause more stress because it doesn’t allow your brain to have “down” time. Yes, you may feel like you’re “resting” when you are binging on The Santa Clarita Diet (HOLY CRAP), but your poor brain isn’t.

In fact, a study looking at human behavior noted a negative relationship with increased social media use and happiness in relationships. Additionally, taking a break from technology is a great way to give your brain some much needed down time allowing creativity to flow in.  Intentional disengagement with your smartphone may lead to intentional and meaningful engagement with others.

Ways to Keep Your Sanity Intact – Get Outside

I’ve started going outside and just standing barefoot in the grass in the mornings as I wave to Smalls when he leaves for school. There’s something to be said about connecting with nature. Sometimes I do a quick yoga flow or stretch, but other times I just stand and breathe.

Science says that movement and being outdoors both boost endorphins, which may help the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Ways to Keep Your Sanity Intact – Journal

I recently (like last week) started journaling every morning. I use the really cool 5 Minute Journal. It totally rocks and is focused on creating a gratitude practice.

Actually writing things down forces me to appreciate what I have (which is a lot, frankly). Journaling shines a spotlight on your self-awareness and can be quite eye opening.

Ways to Keep Your Sanity Intact – Say No

I’ll admit that “no” was super hard for me, but being my year of rest, it’s been an important word for me to learn and use.  And although “no” only has 2-letters, it felt like a 4 letter word to me.

I’ve found that saying yes when you really want to say no only leads to being overwhelmed and resentful. Y’all. It’s not worth it.

It’s okay to say no to things that don’t rock your world.

Ways to Keep Your Sanity Intact – Give Yourself Grace

Y’all. This is the single most important thing you can do for yourself. As women, we are way too hard on ourselves, and it’s about time that we stopped. We totally rock and can do anything that we put our mind to. As you move through your day, remember to give yourself a little bit of breathing room. You wouldn’t berate your kid for getting mismatched socks, so don’t beat yourself up for forgetting to call or send an email.

Stuff happens. It will be okay, and tomorrow is another day. Like Walt Disney famously said, “keep moving forward.”

Remember that the key to keeping your sanity intact is to remember that you’re not Super Woman (as much as we’d like to be). You’re human, and you make mistakes. But if you can carve out time in your day to do even one of these things, you’ll notice that you will naturally start to feel better, have more energy and be able to move about your day singing a happier tune.

Me time is important. Take it.

How do you keep your sanity intact?

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