67 Main Course Salads to Enjoy!

These Main Course Salads are the perfect way to get some nutrients and flavor! One of my favorite easy meals to make are hearty main course dishes. During the winter these salads can be easily made with delicious grains such as farro, couscous, and even with potatoes. 

During the summer, grilled veggies, tofu, or citrus are wonderful way to create delicious main course salads. I also like to experiment using canned goods with fresh items during the spring as I eat my way through my pantry. 

The other thing that I love about hearty salads is that they can be a great way to put together hearty, affordable meals when you’re trying to stretch a dollar or even if you’re not!


67 Main Course Salads to Enjoy!

Enjoy these Main Course Salad when you are short on time or when you are in the mood for something healthy. Yummy!

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These incredible Main Course Salads are drool-worthy! Each one is healthy, filled with nutrients, and packed with yummy flavors. #salads #saladrecipe #recipes #easy #dinner #breagettingfit
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