to delivery truck drivers and solicitors

An Open Letter To Solicitors & Delivery Truck Drivers

doorbellApparently Fed Ex is not the only company who hires people who aren’t ‘all there’. Yesterday, a solicitor knocked on my door. After the previous incidents (read about them HERE and HERE) I now have a VERY large ‘No Soliciting‘ sign positioned at eye-level right next to (and above!) my doorbell, in case you were wondering.

The Irony?

She was selling educational materials for pre-schoolers. While I appreciate that my son needs to learn his ABCs and 123s, that’s my job. And I’m fairly confident that I do not need software to tell me how to do this. That aside, I was astounded that she actually had the gall to knock.

My Letter To Solicitors: READ.THE.SIGN

I opened the door (I do have a heart, after all), and after listening to about 30 seconds of her little speech, I stated that I have all the educational materials that I need, and I wouldn’t be purchasing anything from her today. I was kind, polite, and clear (at least I thought I was…).

Then she asked why not, and attempted to launch into why her materials were so wonderful.

to delivery truck drivers and solicitorsThe Problem?

She obviously cannot read.

So, obviously (You know you would do the same thing!), I asked her why I should purchase educational materials from a representative so clearly lacking in the very basic fundamentals of observation: reading a ‘No Soliciting’ sign. She didn’t have an answer, so I shut the door.

Really, people. If you’re going to sell me something, ESPECIALLY if it’s supposed to teach my son anything, prove to me that it’s worth it by observing an obvious sign, which means that you need to spend a moment reading the material put so thoughtfully placed (at eye-level) in front of your face. And read it before you knock, ring, or yell.

At least she didn’t wake up Smalls…right??

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6 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Solicitors & Delivery Truck Drivers”

  1. Possum Hill Farms

    I have a No Soliciting sign on my door as well. Every now and again I get someone, usually a meth head wanting to mow my lawn. Luckily all of the church-cult people can read!

  2. That’s hilarious. I really hate it when solicitors knock at my door because it always happens when my children are napping. I no longer answer, but I could definitely relate to your story.

  3. You know… I read my emails bright and early at 5:30 am in the hopes that something amazing will come through and make me open my eyes a lot faster in the morning than my alarm does.

    You should know that this post made me jump out of bed. I sat up straight and said “way to go MAMA!! I sure do love her no-nonsense attitude!”

    Brea, you… are… awesome.

  4. Thanks, mamas. I think that he may have learned his lesson…there was a package on my doorstep that mysteriously appeared this morning 🙂

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