How to Make Your Own All Natural Cleaning Tablets

I have news. My kid’s favorite chore is officially cleaning the toilet. The boys actually beg me to let them clean the toilet bowl. Beg. How did I make this magic happen? I’m happy to share. Or you can jump right to the all natural cleaning tablets

How to Make Your Own All Natural Cleaning Tablets

It was kind of a happy accident. Awhile ago, I discovered that I could make my own dishwasher tablets using some simple items that I have in the kitchen. Don’t worry-I’ll explain how these made their way from the kitchen to my toilet in a minute here.

toilet cleaning tabs

So. We’ve been using my homemade dish tabs and they’re working out well. Then I dropped one in the sink, and it was wet because I’d just finished up the handwashing. Oops!

I noticed that the tabs fizzed a bit, so, like a good scientist, I added more water and  hollered for the boys to come see the “chemical reaction.”

If you ever want your kids to run at warp speed, make sure you mention things are “blowing up” or “chemical reaction.” Just don’t be shocked when they’re disappointed that you haven’t built a rocket.

I thought it was pretty cool. The boys, well, they wanted it BIGGER. So we went upstairs and pulled the sink drain. The sink was dirty, with toothpaste stains, makeup, and other gross stuff. They definitely needed to be cleaned.

So we filled pulled the stopper, filled the bowl, and dropped in half a tab (I was scared I’d make a huge mess with a whole tab!). The boys thought it was awesome. It fizzed and spun and they were hooked. They immediately wanted to try it in more water.

So I waiting until the tablet fizzed out, and then I pulled the drain. I started filling the tub, and walked back to the sink to grab the cleaning tablets.

Y’all. My sink was CLEAN.

I grabbed the hand towel off the hook and wiped out the bowl to make sure the white I was seeing wasn’t my imagination or leftover cleaning tablet.

It wasn’t my sink was sparkling. So on the way back to the bathtub, I dropped a tab in the toilet. The boys immediate ran over, bathtub forgotten. “Ew! Gross! It’s going to smell bad now, MOM!” But they were captivated.

They could not stop watching the fizzing. And the toilet looked like it might just be getting less grimy (no judgement, please. I live with 3 boys. Cleaning toilets needs to happen at least twice a day at my house, but it doesn’t.).

It really was less grimy! So I grabbed my toilet brush after it stopped fizzing and gave everything a little swish. I did not scrub hard. Then I flushed. HOLY. CRAP.

My toilet was clean, and my kids were yelling “Do it again!!”

So, like any good parent, I told them we sure could. We could do it again when it was time to clean the toilets again. And this time, THEY could swish it around.

All Natural Cleaning Tablets

Mix the baking soda and citric acid in a glass mixing bowl. Do this slowly to avoid any powder puffing up onto your face and hands. Slowly add the water, mixing as you go. You want to barely wet the power. as you mix it. Too much water will cause your mixture to begin the chemical reaction.

Add your essential oils and continue slowly stirring your mixture. Once everything is incorporated, you’ll want to use a silicone teaspoon to measure out the mix. Fill your measuring spoon, then gently compact it and push it out onto a cutting board or parchment.

Allow your tablets to dry overnight, then place them in an airtight glass jar. When stored properly these tablets should last for quite a few months.

When you’re ready to clean your toilets, simply drop a tablet into the bowl and watch it work. Allow it to fizz for 5 minutes, do a quick ‘once over’ with your toilet bowl brush to make sure that it’s completely clean, and flush.

Some words of mama caution here. These tablets cause a chemical reaction, while you could eat the ingredients, I would not recommend keeping these where children can access them. We clean the house together, and I supervise.

These cleaning tablets have been a total game changer for chores around here!


What’s your least favorite chore?



  1. Meghan Chance on February 28, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    Hi! Do you have a approximate amount of water? Or consistency to look for? Also, if I don’t have a silicone measuring spoon, can I use a plastic one? I also have 3 boys and need to motivate them to actually clean the toilet, instead of just peeing on it, lol!

    • Brea on February 28, 2017 at 9:05 pm

      Hi, Meghan!

      I dripped water in in a little at a time…about a teaspoon or so I think? You want it just wet enough to stick together. You absolutely can use a plastic spoon or even a silicone mold if you have one. Good luck with the boys! I got my boys pee targets and that has also helped 🙂

  2. Kameron on April 27, 2021 at 1:13 pm

    Did it work in the tub ?

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