Amazing Running Gear You Never Knew You Needed Until Now

Being health-conscious has become the new norm, and from small towns to big cities, running has become the go-to for fast and cheap exercise. With the growth in this kind of exercise, a flourish of gadgets and accessories for the avid runner have become essential. From your head to your feet, there are gadgets available nowadays you never knew you needed.

Need some new running gear? Check out these awesome ideas!

Using Your Head

Some runners like to get an early start. If you choose to break out in a good sweat before the break of day, specifically in the wintertime, keeping warm and being seen in limited light is a must. Wool caps and thermal headbands are ideal choices for early morning and late night sprinters.

Both beanie caps and thermal headbands are lightweight and provide a snug fit that keeps sweat out of your eyes while keeping your head and ears toasty warm, and most are fashioned with reflective insignias so your presence will be noted on dark streets.

Amazing Apps

With your smartphone, it seems like anything is possible, and it’s true even for your workouts and runs. From the basics like Runkeeper that tracks distance, speed, and calories, to more intensive workout models like iRaceMe, there is an app for every kind of runner.

If you are into racing, try out Race Finder to discover the closest and cheapest races to enter. You could have something to train for every month with this app!

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The Right Direction (Heart Rate Monitors, Watches, and GPS Devices)

71orKGpYtiL._SL1500_Whether you want to maintain a steady pace or push yourself to the limit, knowing what you have done and how fast you were is crucial information for the avid runner.

Wrist monitors can act as watches to time your run to the second, track the distance covered, pace, calories burned, and monitor your heart rate with special sensors that eliminate the need for chest strap heart rate monitors that many runners find uncomfortable.

The ability to download training plans and create workouts is optional with certain brands and models of wrist monitors.

Foot Frenzy

Keeping your feet comfortable and healthy is paramount to runners. Ergonomically designed running shoes offer arch support and maximum cushioning and comfort, and the breathable interior material helps control wetness and foot odor.

Look for brands that will offer comfort and won’t wear out easily. Used in conjunction with the various styles of socks that offer comfort, coolness, absorb friction, and prevent blisters, your feet will never feel better. Wool is a great material for wicking sweat and damp while keeping feet nice and toasty.

Armed with these suggestions, you can hit the pavement or rocky trail better prepared than ever. There are an infinite number of items available to the avid runner. From hats and headbands to socks and shoes and even higher technology, there is a variety of gear and gadgets you never knew you needed to make your run the best, most comfortable experience it can be.

BrookeBrooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger. She lives and works out of her home in Los Lunas, New Mexico. She loves the outdoors and spends most her time hiking, biking and gardening. For more information of getting better tech gear for your runs, check out world of watches coupons from discountrue. You can contact Brooke via Twitter.

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