5 Amazing Ways To Help With Anxiety Management

Finding ways to help with anxiety management doesn’t have to be hard. With these amazing and simple tips, you may feel more calm and relaxed than you ever thought possible.

anxiety management

I’m one of those people that tend to get caught up in my own head…I’ll think of something, and then suddenly, it consumes me.

And I know I’m not alone in this thought. The proper term is “anxiety” and I swear Y’all, it rears its head in the most annoying times.

When I dead tired in the middle of the night, my brain will start thinking about the most random things…Did I pay the utility bill? When’s the last time that we rotated the tires on the car? How much is college tuition gonna be when the boys get older? Seriously…Counting sheep doesn’t work with your trying to deal with and managing anxiety

What I’ve learned throughout my years about managing anxiety is that it is possible to do. With a little bit of self-discipline and a lot of deep breaths, you can find ways to manage your anxiety in the best way possible for you.

While these tips may not work for all, here are some that have worked for me in the past.

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Five Amazing Ways To Help With Anxiety Management

Before talking about how to help your anxiety, it’s important to really understand what it is. (If you don’t know the true meaning, how can you expect to help it?)

What is anxiety? 

Anxiety is basically a feeling of emotions that may, or may not, be strong enough to start causing issues in your everyday life. Anxiety can be out of fear, nervousness or other emotions and affect all ages and varieties of people.

One of the worst feelings in the world is when someone tells you to just “get over it”. I mean….c’mon. That’s like telling a crying newborn to just “stop crying”. 

It’s not like people who suffer from anxiety want to feel that way…and if there was some sort of magic light switch to turn it off, don’t you think they would?

The good news? You can help deal with some of those thoughts and emotions and try your hand at anxiety management.

  • Stop and take deep breaths

When you’re feeling anxious, it’s important to stop whatever you’re doing, and breathe through it. Slow, long breaths can help you focus and regain a bit of control over your thoughts. 

anxiety management

  • Do you best to live a healthy and active lifestyle

If you’re not treating your body well, that can result in your body and emotions to respond in a less than positive manner. Fuel your body with exercise and healthy foods and it can make a big difference in your clarity of emotions as well. 

  • Give yourself a pep talk every morning

Wanna know a secret? I talk to myself and I’m proud of it. Every day that you wake up, tell yourself how great you are and how great the day is going to be. You’ll be amazed at how you can build up your own confidence with a little morning kickstart. 

  • Try yoga or other forms of meditation

Even if you aren’t bendy flexible (seriously, not everyone can touch their toes and that’s okay!), don’t give up on yoga! Yoga can be a great way to get in touch with your inner self and work on your anxiety management. Some people prefer yoga over any type of meditation and have seen great results with it. 

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  • Talk to others about how you feel

Do you have a tribe that you just “click” with? If you do, have you opened up to them about the stresses that you’re feeling? Tribes are great friends that are there to help you whenever you’re needing any type of advice (or a wine date to talk about feelings!).

The next time that you’re feeling stressed, make a plan to chat with your tribe to see if it helps. You may be amazed at how some friend time can help take away a large portion of your anxiety.  

Anxiety management isn’t something that you have to deal with entirely on your own. While it can be a private time, it doesn’t have to be! Trust your heart and your mind and do what is best for you. You may find that a nice weekend away with friends is exactly what you need to reset your emotions easily. 

How do you focus on your anxiety management?



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