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So. If you’ve been following my on-again, off-again blogging career, you know that I am completely in love with barre workouts. Like TOTALLY IN LOVE.


They’re largely responsible for my awesome pre-Smalls body (and will shortly be responsible for my post-Smalls body when and if I stop stuffing my face!), and I completely love them.

BUT, I also love to lift. Since that probably isn’t going to happen in my basement, I’ve learned to love Kettlebells. And I’ve found that they really compliment the long lines I’m working toward with barre.


So I’ve slightly bastardized the TA method. I do love her workouts, but after 4 days, I was BORED. Yup, I said it. So I’m going to be swapping some TA meta workouts (or adding in some additional workouts…we’ll see) with Kettlenetics.

Kettlenetics uses a 4 pound “k-bell” to incorporate weight and balance training into a fun barre-like workout. Seriously, these workouts are super-fun, and the set has all kinds of options for length and cardio vs. strength.

AND, if you don’t want to wait for the DVDs to arrive, you can stream ALL of the awesome Kettlenetics workouts straight to your TV or computer using Gaia TV. If you use my link, you’ll get your first month for just 99 cents!

Why not a heavier ‘bell?

Sure, I can swing 10-20 pounds with the best of them, but I really feel the burn more with this workout. And it’s dance-y. Maybe that has more to do with it….

Regardless, starting tomorrow, I have to up my workouts (stupid MFP challenge!), and my fruit/veggie intake. So KB/TA/Elliptical, here I come.

Have you tried Kettlenetics?

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