DIY Homemade Bath Soap Jellies

Hey mamas, I have a question for you. Do your kids HATE bath time? My kids waffle on this issue. Some days they literally fight for the right to jump in the tub first, others…they’d rather smell like a barnyard than let water touch them. Anyone else? These DIY Homemade Bath Soap Jellies (skip to the recipe) really help! 

DIY Homemade Bath Soap Jellies

Maybe it’s just being a boy…or a kid. Who knows. Because they often become so viscerally opposed to getting clean, I’ve had to get creative with fun new things to use during bath time.

Which means we’ve been making lots of bath bombs, bath salts, and now…bath jellies. Which basically means that I took some soap, added gelatin, and made it jiggly. Which (trust me), is way more fun than regular soap. Plus, it gets them clean.

Clean kids = winning lately. So why bath soap jellies? Well…it all started at that store with the “handmade” soaps and bath bombs, and shampoo (you can try my dupe for their sea salt shampoo if you’re feeling super motivated today).

And they had this bath jelly called 3,000 miles. Y’all. that stuff is magical after a workout. It helps to ease the soreness and it smells amazing.

But I digress.

So the kids have seen my bath jelly, and they wanted to try one of their own. But (not surprisingly) bath jellies from that cool shop are kind of spendy. And definitely, more than I want to spend on something that is going to be fun once and then picked apart and sent down the drain (because that is exactly what happens with my kids).

So instead of spending money on a pre-made bath jelly (they have other scents), I decided to try and make my own. After some experimentation, I finally found a recipe that is easy and (most importantly) works.

DIY Homemade Bath Soap Jellies

DIY Homemade Bath Soap Jellies

Gather your ingredients and a large mixing bowl.

Add the gelatin to the bowl and gently stir in the boiling water until the gelatin has completely dissolved.DIY Homemade Bath Soap Jellies

Add your castile soap or body wash.

Stir gently until fully combined.DIY Homemade Bath Soap Jellies

Add food coloring to your desired color (I let my 4-year-old help with this step, and he added approximately 1,000 drops, but you probably only need about 10).DIY Homemade Bath Soap Jellies

Grab your molds and gently pour the mixture into them. Go slow to avoid bubbles. If you do find that you have lots of bubbles in your homemade bath jellies, you can use a spray bottle filled with alcohol to help them dissipate.

Store your jellies in the fridge or freezer (our preference during the summer) to help them keep their shape, making sure that they are clearly labeled as BATH JELLIES (not food).

In our house, each kid gets one jelly per bath or shower, so they last quite awhile.

Use your jellies up within 3 months of making them for the best results.DIY Homemade Bath Soap Jellies

Note: I know this should go without saying, but these bath jellies are not edible and should not be consumed. While you are here, check out my Pumpkin Spice bath bomb recipe? These are easy to make and make the bath smell heavenly!

Have you ever used bath soap jellies before?

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