Tracy Anderson’s Beginner Method Workout Review

I’m pretty freaking proud of myself. I’ve been exercising 5 days a week for three whole weeks. I know, I know. I run a “getting fit” blog. This shouldn’t be news, but it is! So is my Tracy Anderson’s Beginner Method Workout Review. I feel like a new person. I am sleeping better, I have more energy, and (according to my kids) I’m way more fun. That’s huge, right?!

Tracy Anderson’s Beginner Method Workout Review

Not surprisingly, I’ve fallen back into my old favorites – barre and barre-inspired workout routines. I recently invested in a Stamina Pilates Reformer and I am loving it, but I am taking it slow, which means I’m pulling out some of my DVD workouts to push myself until I get more comfortable on the reformer.

I’m sure that you’ve heard of Gwenyth Paltrow’s favorite trainer Tracy Anderson by now. She’s been in Health and Shape and has a number of workout videos that you can watch on YouTube.

Tracy Anderson's Beginner Method Workout Review

But what she’s really known for is her Muscular Structure work-which is just her way of saying barre-style strength and cardio.

The Method For Beginners Workout Review

I am really enjoying Tracy’s newer workouts. They are far better instructed than her previous workouts, and she breaks down the moves so that you can imitate her (crazy flexible) demonstrations.

The backgrounds are minimalistic and not terribly distracting, and the music is pleasant.

I was worried it would be a bit too techno and loud, but that’s not the case. And like her other workouts, once you get the movements down you can always mute things and do The Method for Beginners Workout to your own tunes.

You may have read my previous review of Tracy Anderson’s Beginner Workout.

2 Workouts on 1 DVD

When I first tried this workout (over a year ago), I failed to realize that there were not one, but two workouts on the DVD.

Yes, I realize that the cover says “2 complete beginner workouts”. Apparently, I can’t read very well.

More likely, I wasn’t really paying attention. It happens, especially with summer vibes in full effect and two kids who really, really, really want to join in.

So. With that out of the way…

The Method For Beginners Workout Review Part 2

I really like the second workout on the DVD. The first workout had a bit of dance cardio thrown in which most certainly isn’t my thing. I prefer rebounding or riding my bike to get my cardio in.

Because of the focus on toning, the second workout (which is a full 30 minutes) was way more my speed.

Now, if you like her dance cardio, you may not enjoy this workout, as it’s 100% toning with no dance cardio thrown in.

A Complete Workout?

I thought that Method for Beginners would be a total workout (you’d think so, right?), but it’s really not.

The two workouts combined would be quite a challenge since you would end up doing two full arm sequences, and a few extra leg sequences. That’s not to say it can’t be done, it certainly can, but not for me, not today.

Tracy Anderson's Beginner Method Workout Review

I would have liked to see an option for a comprehensive workout or even a chapters option so that I could do both my cardio and muscular structure work in one go without repeating moves (I am quite amazed that I can type, to be honest).

Is The Method For Beginners Worth It?

For a workout that’s under $10.00, I’d say definitely.

Overall, I really like this workout. I daresay that it’s one of her better workouts.

Tracy actually takes the time to explain ‘vectors of force’ and the idea behind her method, as well as why it’s so successful for everyone-if you use it correctly. This is a departure from her previous style and was really nice to hear.

I for one like knowing why I’m torturing myself.

I know I got a good workout in only 30 minutes because I am no better than a pile of Jell-O this morning.

In fact, the only issue that I take with (all of) Tracy’s workouts is the lack of stretching after you work your muscles.

You’ll definitely want to spend a few minutes doing some stretching when you’re done to help move the lactic acid out of your muscles so you don’t end up cursing your stairs the next morning.

And yes, she leads a stretch at the beginning, but your muscles aren’t warm and aren’t able to stretch as effectively.

Tracy Anderson's Beginner Method Workout ReviewHave you tried the new Tracy Anderson Workouts?


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