Benefits of a Vegetarian Pregnancy

Is it safe to be a vegetarian while you are pregnant? Many mom-to-be ask this. This is because many mothers worry about the effects it might have on the development of their unborn baby and if there are benefits of a vegetarian pregnancy.

Benefits of a Vegetarian Pregnancy

When a mom-to-be thinks about a vegetarian diet, they might think you will miss the adequate nutrients your body needs. When you are pregnant your body will require even more nutrients, so you have to be aware of what you are consuming.

Benefits of a Vegetarian Pregnancy

According to dietitians, mothers can still get sufficient and proper nutrients that they require from vegetarian diets. Actually, there are a lot of benefits in choosing the vegetarian diet.

4 Types of Vegetarians

I know you think that being a vegetarian involves eating lots and lots of vegetables, like a rabbit. Well, that’s not the case. There are four types of vegetarians which include:

  1. Vegans |  Vegans strictly eat fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds. All animal products which include eggs, milk, cheese, and beef are excluded.
  2. Lacto-vegetarians | These are people who eat strictly vegetables, fruits in addition to dairy products.
  3. Lacto-ovo-vegetarians  |  For lacto-ovo-vegetarians, their diet is almost the same as that of the lactovegetarians only that eggs are added to their diet.
  4. Pescatarians |  These are vegetarians who apart from eating dairy products and eggs together with vegetables also include on their diet omega-3 rich foods like fish. Meat and poultry are not included.

Therefore, if you are a vegetarian, you now know which group you belong. You have a handful of options to choose from when you become vegetarian. 

Benefits of a Vegetarian Pregnancy

Since you need to take care of your health more than ever during this period when there is a life growing inside you, choosing to be a vegetarian is a great choice that will come with a lot of health benefits to you and your baby. Below are 7 benefits of being a vegetarian while you are pregnant.

Lower Rates of Maternal Obesity

Obesity is one of the problems that pregnant women have to deal with. Your body will crave almost anything that can be chewed. If you give in to your cravings, you will find your weight getting out of control putting both your life and that of the baby at risk.

A healthy diet like choosing to be a vegetarian at this time will ensure that you eliminate consumption of too much fat that comes from meat. This will make sure that your weight does not get out of hand hence protecting you and the baby from the health risks that come with obesity.

Cardiovascular Health

Research shows that vegetarians are at a lower risk of developing cardiovascular problems since their levels of blood pressure is reasonably lower. Apart from that, cholesterol levels, blood lipid levels, and the body mass index is also low.

Cardiovascular health and that of the baby should be taken seriously. Fruits and vegetables also contain fibre and antioxidants will ensure that your heart is in a perfect condition so that you are not at risk of developing heart disorders at this period of time.

Reduced Risk of Gestational Diabetes

A vegetarian diet consists mostly of natural carbohydrates and foods that are low in fat. These are one of the factors that usually contribute to diabetes during pregnancy. Even for diabetic patients, choosing a vegetarian diet would be better for you and the baby since your blood sugar, and that of your baby will be kept at a healthy level.

If you don’t watch what you eat during your pregnancy, by eating a lot of junk food, you and your baby will be at a risk of developing diabetes since your blood sugar level will shoot through the roof. Eating a vegetarian diet will thus ensure that your body’s sugar is supplied from natural carbohydrates.

Low levels of Homocysteine

If the levels of homocysteine in the body reach high concentrations, you will be at a risk of cardiac and blood vessels disorders. According to research, mothers who are on a vegetarian diet have lower homocysteine levels in the body.

Healthy Bones

Essential nutrients like vitamin K, magnesium and potassium are required for building strong bones in baby. A vegetarian diet contains all these nutrients in sufficient quantities. Fruits and vegetables are one of the richest sources of potassium and magnesium.

Lower Risk of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is one of the neurodegenerative diseases. Research shows that consuming a lot of meat-based diets are generally packed with a lot of cholesterol and fat increases the risks of you and your baby developing Parkinson’s disease.  A vegetarian diet will provide a protective effect against such diseases.

Benefits of a Vegetarian Pregnancy

Improved General Health

During pregnancy, your body should always feel healthy and relaxed. Vegetarian diets are great for improving how your body manages stress. Vegetarian diets in return boost your overall health.  

Should you choose to be a vegetarian while you are pregnant make sure you are aware of the nutrients you are consuming. This will make sure you are getting the right nutrients to feed your baby and help her grow. Ensure that your diet has adequate calcium and vitamin D.

Vegetarian diets should contain a lot of vegetable proteins and energy-rich foods so that the energy density of your diet is high.  

If you want to try out a vegetarian diet, I suggest you start with some vegetable servings. You should try out a serving of baby carrots and see how fantastic it will taste. You will surely enjoy it. To know more about how many baby carrots should be in a serving,

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