Best Bathroom Scale for Heavy People

More than once, I’ve been nervous about stepping on a scale (especially the glass ones) and wondering if I’d break it. Then, after stepping on, I wasn’t even able to see the numbers! Well, you won’t have those problems ever again with these bathroom scales for heavy people, most of which even work if you’re over the common scale weight limit of 400lbs.

Best Bathroom Scale for Heavy People

When I was pregnant with twins, I used to have to make my husband read me the numbers on the scale. It was embarrassing. I would have killed for something that could talk to me, had an app, or even had numbers raised up that I could see like the ones in the doctor’s office. I’ve personally been overweight my entire adult life, so weight (and being fat) is a hugely sensitive topic. 

But, as an overweight person, I also know that scales can be essential tools in improving our overall health. It gives us something to track to help figure out of what we’re doing is working. If you can’t find a home bathroom scale that works for you, then even something that should be simple becomes a complicated thing.

I chose all these bathroom scales to compare with the struggles of those of us who are overweight or obese in mind.

Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale

This is an accessory to the Fitbit line, which I’m personally a big fan of. If you already use a Fitbit tracking device and the app, then you’ll appreciate how this integrates with your existing data easily. It’s the only glass top scale on this list (not my favorite when you have a few extra pounds) and only has a weight limit of 440lbs, which is the highest I could find for a smart scale. Another cool feature is that everyone in the house can use it, but it doesn’t reveal your stats to each other, perfect if you’re shy about your weight.


  • Smart scale means it connects to your phone via Bluetooth and tracks your data digitally, perfect if you struggle to see the numbers
  • An excellent choice if you’re already a Fitbit user
  • The sleek design will look great in your bathroom and takes up minimal storage space
  • The app helps you track your weight loss


  • Low weight limit at 440lbs
  • Glass top won’t break but doesn’t feel very safe if you’re heavy
  • Might be tough to use if you’re not great for technology

Health o Meter Oversized Dial Scale 

The polar opposite of the Fitbit Aria, this is as low tech as you can get for a bathroom scale. Just step on and read the analog number to find out your weight. If you don’t like technology, or maybe you’re buying a scale for someone who’s good with it, this is definitely a reliable bathroom scale choice. The oversized numbers and larger weighing area make it easier to see the numbers and easier to stand on. Unfortunately, this scale has a weight limit of 400lbs, so it’s not as good for heavy people as other scales. 


  • Low tech, perfect for those who like to keep things simple
  • Large standing area means less balancing and chances of falling
  • Oversized numbers are nice if you struggle to see them because of your weight or vision issues
  • Perfect for older folks


  • The weight limit is only 400lbs
  • Still might be hard to see the numbers
  • No features, analog display

Accuro DBW100 Waist Level Digital Medical Scale

If you’re looking for something that’s super accurate, a medical-grade scale might be better. They take up more space than your average bathroom scale, but for those who are overweight or obese, they’re a good option because of the features. This one has a screen at waist level so you can actually see it. It also calculates your body fat to help you get a better picture of your health.


  • Highly accurate scale to 1/10th of a pound
  • 500lb weight limit
  • Easy to read numbers on the waist-high screen


  • Takes up a lot of space in your bathroom
  • Cannot be stored easily
  • Body fat (BMI) is just an estimate and not necessarily accurate

EatSmart Precision Scale

If you’re looking for a “regular” home bathroom scale for heavy people, this is a great option. With a weight limit of 550lbs, it holds more than most typical bathroom scales, but still, stores easily when not in use. There’s an extra-large stepping area, so you don’t need to worry about balancing on a small platform or falling. The best feature, though? It beeps when done reading, and numbers stay on the screen for a bit after you step off so you can easily read the scale. 


  • Extra-wide stepping area
  • Loud beep and numbers stay on the screen after you get off
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Sturdy and heavy; doesn’t feel cheap


  • Glass topped, which while sturdy, could be made from something else
  • The LCD screen can be tough to read
  • The screen turns off too quickly

My Weigh SCMXL700T 700 lb 320kg Talking Bathroom Scale

This extra-large scale has a wide weighing platform so that you can easily stand on it while getting a reading, no matter your size. And it will accommodate your size; with a 700lb weight limit, there aren’t many overweight or obese folks who can’t weigh in the comfort of their own bathroom with this scale. If you can’t see the numbers, it’s no problem; it “talks” by giving an audio readout in 4 languages. 


  • Wide stepping area with grips, so it’s easy to stand on
  • Sturdy design and materials; doesn’t feel like it will break
  • Accurate weight even on heavier people
  • Easy to read screen, plus voice readouts


  • Heavy, making it challenging to move around and store especially if you have mobility issues
  • Just a scale (not any extra features)
  • Pricey for a standard scale

Brecknell HS-300 Electronic Height and Weight Physician Scale

This is another medical grade scale that just might do the trick at home as well. Not only does it take your weight, but it also measures height like at the doctor’s office. It’s super accurate up to 660lbs, which is perfect if you need a higher weight limit. The handle also gives you something to hold on to as you climb on, perfect if your balance isn’t so great.


  • Accurate, just like at the doctor’s office (but you can stay at home)
  • The bar makes it easier for those with mobility issues
  • Easy to assemble and sturdy


  • Large, might not fit in most bathrooms
  • No way to store it easily once assembled
  • More costly than a conventional scale

What is the best bathroom scale for heavy people?

As much as I hate to use the word, I’m fat. That means thick thighs that make it harder to press my legs together, and sometimes I can’t always look down while on the scale and see the screen. If you’re pregnant, you suffer from similar setbacks as obese folks while using a scale, like an inability to see past your belly, trouble with balance, and the need for some extra space on the stepping area. Whether you’re on a weight loss journey or just want an accurate weight reading, all these scales are perfect for heavier people who need a scale that’s designed for them. 

You really can’t beat the precision and quality of the medical grade scales, but their higher price tag and lack of storage options they’re really not for everyone. Smart scales like the Fitbit Aria are nice to have, but with their lower weight limits and glass tops, they just don’t feel all that sturdy if you’re on the heavier side. If you’re overweight but within the weight range of it, and very into technology, it is my favorite scale choice in general. Just not the best bathroom scale for heavy people.

So, my winner hands down is the “My Weigh Talking Bathroom Scale.” It has the highest weight limit out of all the scales on this list, perfect for heavy people of all shapes and sizes. Not only that, it’s very sturdy both in actual construction and feel, so you won’t have to worry about breaking it when you step on. The audio readouts make it super easy to find out your weight without having to bend. 

The biggest downside is it weighs 10lbs. That’s part of what makes it feel so sturdy, but it definitely is more difficult to store than lighter scales. If you struggle with bending and lifting, you might not be able to move it around easily, especially since it doesn’t have handles. It also doesn’t have any additional features, like Bluetooth or even body fat (BMI), so if you want any extra tracking, you’ll have to add your weights into an app or calculate your BMI yourself. For the price, it would have been nice to have something beyond just a weight and voice readout.

Even still, if you’re looking for a super sturdy bathroom scale for heavy people, and especially a home scale for someone in the 400lb plus range, this is an ideal choice. Whether you’re on a weight loss journey, or just trying to have more health awareness, finding the right scale for you is important! 

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