Best Fans for Strollers

Ya’ll know how it is to hit the sidewalk for the first time this summer only to remember what it’s like getting your daily runner’s fix under that beating sun. Taking stock of your running gear before suiting up the stroller? 

We’ve reviewed some new stroller fans on the market to keep your forehead cool and your active minutes higher! Don’t dread your daily walks this summer! (Or even worse, skip them entirely!) Make use of one of these stroller fans to make those outings a heck of a lot easier. 

What is the Best Stroller Fan? 

We’ve got you covered! Working out with your child is a joy, and if you’re lucky enough to have the right environment and time to hit the sidewalk with your baby then you’re already ahead! Studies show that spending that valuable outdoor time with your little monster is absolutely key to their development, so you’re already ahead!

What to Look for in the Best Stroller Fan?

 Keep yourself from getting overheated on those sweltering summer days while you’re out on the run by taking advantage of some of the reasonably priced stroller fans out there right now. A few important features to consider include its installation method, how much battery life it lasts for and the level of airflow it’s going to provide you with on those hot summer days. I’ve reviewed a few of the stroller fans you can find, hopefully, one fits your lifestyle just as well as a nice walk on a July afternoon! 

CAVN Stroller Fan

This handy little battery operated fan has the battery life and power to keep you cool on the sidewalk and the trail. 360 degrees of rotation means you can get just the right angle, without having to worry about the height of the stroller handle bar. One thing you will have to consider is whether or not the clip is adequate for the stroller you’re using. 

If we’re talking battery life, I found this to be among the longer lasting models available. 40 hours of battery life, with a second rechargeable battery included means more running time. The upside to this is although you’re definitely not taking 40 hours long runs, you don’t have to sweat if you happen to forget to charge it before your next outing! 


  • Oscillates if desired 
  • Long battery life 


  • Clip might not work for all strollers 

Home Lefairy Stroller Fan

This fan is a bit of a step up, both in style and functionality. If you want something versatile and easy to install and remove on the go, this is definitely a good stroller fan to consider. This stroller fan features three speeds so you can get just the amount of cool air you want, depending on the weather or your type of exercise. This little white fan can utilize a usb charger so it can be charged using a block on a standard plug, or from a computer or powerbank if you’re on the go. 

The way this fan attaches to your stroller is definitely what sets it apart. Three flexible legs allow you to wrap it around any handlebar, or surfaces on the stroller where you need it for the best airflow you can get! The only downside is, it might not be quite as strong of a fixture as other units. 


  • Great design that will go well with your stroller 
  • Unique tripod attachment 
  • Easy charging 


  • Tripod may not provide most secure grip for all strollers

Zeniso Neck Fan

This personal neck fan is a little bit of a different take on the stroller fan options. If your stroller sits way too low, or is a bit too unconventional for a more traditional stroller fan this might be the best alternative available. So what does this little neck fan have to offer above its counterparts? 

4-12 hours of operation time and 3 fan speeds means that it will last for the entire duration of your run or walk, and it can easily be stashed in the bottom of just about any stroller if you don’t need it the entire time. The neck shaped designed means that it will hand in just the right position no matter where you are, and your position to your stroller. Keeping cool is just as important as staying hydrated, so don’t overlook this option! 


  • Portable design 
  • Multiple speeds 


  • Slightly shorter battery life 
  • Not suitable for all exercise types (i.e. running). 

Treva Stroller Fan (x2)

This stroller fan is a bit more unique in that it comes in a two pack, offering you two streams of airflow during your workout or stroller walk! Two fans offer their own alternating fan speeds as well as 14 hours of cooling time. This way you have the option of either setting up just one or both of your fans depending on yours needs. 

A sweltering summer day might call for two stroller fans to bring down the heat, otherwise you can switch them out for a cool breeze all day long, wherever you and your baby set out to adventure for the day! These fans are lightweight and offer enough power to really keep you cool. 


  • Two fans in one! 
  • Large cooling blades 
  • Long battery life 


  • Could be too large for your stroller or runner 
  • Clip design might not be suited for all strollers 

Opolar Stroller Fan

This little fan is another unit that offers a really unique tripod attachment method. This could come in extremely useful for many of us out there looking for a hold that’s secure but also versatile! The tripod legs on this fan are somewhat longer than on the Home Lefairy model, possibly making this a better middle ground choice for its flexible attachment. 

This stroller fan also touts quieter use sound, which is great for absorbing the sounds of the world around you on your journeys. 6 hours of charge time will be more than enough to keep you going through your exercise, or even for a long walk!   


  • Flexible and secure tripod system for attaching to strollers 
  • Long battery life with fast charging feature  


  •  Might not secure to the right position for best airflow 

Calover Clip on Stroller Fan

This little fan is the best of both worlds. Small and compact, but perfectly designed to fit snug onto a stroller for outdoor exercise, walks or runs! The clip on this stroller fan is durable and designed with strollers in mind. The part where the clip attaches to the stroller is a tubular shape making for really easy application! 

The only downside to this piece is that it’s a bit on the smaller side. While this may mean it’s easy to stow away in a handbag or diaper bag, it’s not the best for delivering airflow. Keep in mind whether or not you’ll need a lot of cool air based on what kind of activity you’ll be doing with your stroller! 


  • Clip that’s specially designed for use on strollers 
  • Small and portable 


  • Lower air power 

What is the Best Fan for Strollers? 

After reviewing several of these fans available on the market right now I can say that it really isn’t all that easy of a decision. Most fans offer similar battery life and functionality, but some would definitely be better than others considering the type of activity you’re using them for. I found the Treva stroller fan provided most of the features I wanted, as well as the option to have two fans instead of just one. They offer quiet yet powerful airflow perfect for those absolutely sweltering summer days, you know, the ones with no wind!  

It pivots well, and attaches easily not only to strollers but wherever else you need it! This stroller fan pack is perfect because for those really hot days, you can place one on the baby carrier bar inside of the stroller to keep your little monster free from the heatwave as well!  

A lot of what determines which fan will work best for you hinges on how you’re using it. For an active runner with a sports stroller, you definitely want on that isn’t going to bounce off of the stroller’s handlebar at the slightest bump. But you also want something powerful enough to keep that heat at bay. The positioning of the fan also needs to fit the height of your stroller, if yours is lower, or you’ll be using it in a variety of ways you’ll need to look at stroller fans with heads that flex to the right position!  

Hopefully, our stroller fan reviews have gone a long way towards you finding the fan that’s perfect for your outdoor journeys! Tell us how you use them, or which model you might have used before. 

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