Best Instant Pot Cookbooks for Keto and Paleo Diets

As a busy mom, I really don’t have time to be making special meals for my family every night! After recently committing to a low-carb diet, I’ve been on the hunt for the best instant pot cookbooks for keto and paleo diets so I can make quick (and easy!) meals for my family. 

Best Instant Pot Cookbooks for Keto and Paleo Diets

I can’t be alone in this: at the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is haul out a bunch of pots and pans and cook dinner for the family. That’s why my Instant Pot has literally been my lifeline. Especially in the winter months, when I just don’t feel like cooking, you just throw everything in and wait. 

Plus, easy cleanup! Win-win. 

There’s a reason low carb (keto) and paleo diets seem to be trending lately. Not only are they a great way to slay those New Year’s weight loss goals, but they’re also relatively simple to follow. But without quick meals, I’m totally going to fail at this diet. That’s why I wanted to find some of the best keto-friendly and paleo Instant Pot cookbooks for some meal inspiration. 

What is an Instant Pot?

If you don’t already own one, you’re going to want to add an Instant Pot to your shopping list if you’re picking up these cookbooks. It’s basically a pressure cooker, meaning that you can have amazing meals ready for yourself or your family in about 20-40 minutes. Seriously, these things are a huge time saver if you work full time or forget to put dinner in the slow cooker! 

Paleo VS Keto Diets

Although we’ve put them together in this “best Instant Pot cookbooks for keto and paleo diets” review, they aren’t the same thing! A keto diet is also called “low-carb” or “ketogenic,” and basically has you eating minimal carbs, so your body enters “ketosis” (hence “keto”). So basically, you’re cutting out things like sugar and wheat, as well as starches like potatoes. 

A paleo diet, on the other hand, focuses more on eating simple, or “paleolithic” foods. That means that on a paleo diet, you’ll be eating a lot of whole and unprocessed foods. Unlike low-carb, though there aren’t specific carbohydrate restrictions, but a lot of people on paleo diets tend to eat similar to those on keto diets. 

Cookbooks VS Online Recipes

With the internet, a lot of people get their recipes online or from Pinterest nowadays. And I’ll admit, I do too from time to time, but there is something to be said about owning an actual book. I love that the recipes are all in one place, and you don’t have to have your phone or tablet in the kitchen while cooking.

Plus, I always seem to find something new that I wouldn’t have searched for but ended up loving. This is especially true of themed books, like these ones. I mean,  how often have you seen a recipe in a magazine and thought, “Wow, that looks good!” 

So if you’re one of those people who usually “goes online,” I strongly urge you to consider picking up a physical book. You might be surprised! 

What to Look for When Buying a Keto and Paleo Diet Cookbook

First of all, you have to look at what your preferences are. For me, I won’t pick up a cookbook that doesn’t have a picture for every recipe, unless I really love it. I need that visual! That way, I can not only see what it’s supposed to look like; it also makes flipping through to find something that “looks good” a lot more fun.

You should also check to make sure there are at least a few recipes that you want to try inside, or else it won’t be worth the money for just one or two. These recipes should be something you otherwise didn’t know how to make, too.

Finally, when choosing a new cookbook, you want to make sure everything is understandable and easy to follow. This will depend on your skill and comfort level on the kitchen, as well as the way the recipes are written. Some cookbooks have great step by step instructions; others don’t always make sense!

More things to consider: 

  • Price, especially relative to value
  • Whether you prefer a physical book or an e-book version and its availability
  • Binding; a spiral-bound book will lay flat
  • Number and variety of recipes
  • Prep time of the recipes (not just cooking time)
  • Availability of ingredients
  • “Extras” in the cookbook, like substitution suggestions or technique guides
  • General editorial and presentation style (in the wording and pictures)
  • Types of meals (do you want dinner only, or breakfast ideas too?)

The Keto Instant Pot Cookbook

This book is officially authorized by Instant Pot, and it’s full of easy and fast ketogenic diet recipes. With 65 recipes, there’s a great variety of meals that are super easy to whip up, plus a lot of options for special diets like dairy-free and soy-free. 


  • Has extra information including an introduction to keto
  • Nutritional information on every recipe so there’s no figuring out net carbs yourself
  • Great recipe layout that’s easy to follow
  • Total time is the real total time


  • Doesn’t include pictures with every recipe
  • Some of the recipes are a bit complex, not ideal for a beginner cook
  • Lots of Indian recipes, which would be unappealing if you don’t enjoy that type of food (note: the author specializes in Indian cuisine)

Keto Instant Pot

If you’re looking to buy just one Instant Pot cookbook for your low-carb (keto) diet, this might be it. It has over 130 recipes that cover everything from appetizers to dessert, and everything in between. The book also includes slow-cooking instructions if you haven’t made the leap to Instant Pot yet, or want to mix things up. 


  • A vast variety of recipes covering every type of meal, perfect if you’re looking for a well-rounded book
  • Available in spiral-bound format, which lays flat
  • Plenty of high-quality photos
  • Tonnes of supplementary information including pressure cooking tips, starter recipes, and food information


  • Recipes don’t always work (for example: calling for too little liquid to blend)
  • Nutrition information can vary by brands used in the recipe, so may not always be accurate
  • Times on recipes isn’t always accurate and sometimes takes longer

The “I Love My Instant Pot” Paleo Recipe Book

If you, or someone you know, is getting started with a paleo diet and want a variety of recipes, this book is fantastic. There are 175 recipes covering breakfast, soups and stews, appetizers, sides, main dishes, and desserts. If you think eating on a paleo diet has to be boring, this book is going to change your mind completely.


  • A tasty variety of recipes that you’ll actually want to eat (not just filler)
  • A list of “yes” and “no” foods for a paleo diet to help with your food choices
  • Lots of paleo versions of classic recipes
  • Easy to understand and well-formatted


  • Not enough pictures
  • No nutrition information with the recipes
  • Recipes contain ingredients you might not normally have on hand

The Family-Friendly Keto Instant Pot Cookbook

Sometimes when you’re cooking on a specific diet plan, like keto, there are tonnes of great recipes out there… That kids will never touch. This book is a perfect answer to that for families; it has 100 keto Instant Pot recipes that the whole family can enjoy together. 


  • Full of useful keto diet tips, such as “how to avoid the keto flu.”
  • Recipes are well organized and easy to understand
  • Macronutrients are listed
  • Truly family-friendly recipes like “pizza eggs” and “game day meatballs.”


  • Each recipe doesn’t include a picture
  • Some recipes have pretty high carb amounts per serving for a keto diet
  • Recipes call for pre-packaged ingredients, which, while convenient, means everything isn’t truly “homemade.”

Paleo Cooking With Your Instant Pot

These recipes are gluten and grain-free, perfect for someone who’s trying to cut these out of their diet for health or celiac reasons. Even if you’re a total rookie to the Instant Pot, you’ll still be able to make easy, delicious meals with these recipes. 


  • While not a keto cookbook, lots of recipes can be modified easily for a keto diet
  • Recipes for every meal including sides and desserts
  • Slow cooker alternatives to some of the recipes make this cookbook more versatile


  • Total time required for each recipe isn’t clearly listed
  • There isn’t a photo for each recipe
  • Recipes are not well-formatted
  • Die-hard paleo eaters may find the recipes “not paleo enough”

What is the best Instant Pot cookbook for keto and paleo diets?

This one was actually really tough to call! All of these cookbooks had a great selection of delicious, healthy recipes that were super quick and easy to make in the Instant Pot. But which was one of the best Instant Pot cookbooks for keto and paleo diets? 

With over 130 recipes, my pick is the “Keto Instant Pot” cookbook. The fact that it included a lot of photos was a huge factor, plus the variety in the book makes it a great “go to” cookbook to have on hand. I loved the variety in the recipes, which covered every meal and even a few drinks. Overall, it’s an ideal starting point for someone embarking on a keto diet!

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