Best Standing Desks for Work From Home Jobs

Standing desks aren’t just another workplace craze. We know that sitting all day isn’t good for us, but it’s pretty tough to avoid if you need a desk to do your job. Or at least, I thought so. These standing desks for work from home jobs completely changed my mind! Here’s my favorite options to swap out your sitting desk for a standing one.

Best Standing Desks for Work From Home Jobs

When looking for a standing desk for your home office there are a few different options out there. If you already have a great desk that you love, consider a riser. They sit on top of your desk and raise your monitor and keyboard to standing height. They also make great space-saving options and even super stylish standing desks now! 

Some things to look for:

  • Height, especially if you’re shorter or taller than average
  • Can it convert between sitting and standing height
  • Manual vs electric height adjustment
  • Does it have any extra features like an angled stand

Benefits of a standing desk

If you’re not already sold on the idea of a standing desk, let me give you some science. According to Harvard, there’s plenty of health benefits to a standing desk. You burn slightly more calories per hour than sitting, but that’s not the real benefit. In short, it’s probably not going to make you lose weight.

Studies have shown that standing after a meal helps with digestion. There’s also a lot of adverse health effects related to sitting all day that might be mitigated by switching to a standing option. Anecdotally, some people find standing desks to help with back problems associated with prolonged sitting. 

Finally, a standing desk might help you focus on your work better. If you’re sitting it’s a lot easier to get a bit too comfy and feel tired while working. Standing will force you to stay alert and therefore on task.

Multitasking with your standing desk when working from home

One of the best parts of working from home is that you get to control how you spend your time! It also means no judgemental coworkers to watch you while you workout at your desk. To add a bit of extra fitness to your day, you can walk in place or do other stationary exercises while working.

Standing desks are also handy when working from home with kids around. Instead of having to get up out of your desk chair every 5 minutes, a standing desk makes it a lot easier to move between work and household chores. 

Tribesigns Rustic Lift Top Computer Desk

I love the design of this home office standing desk. It doesn’t look like it belongs in the corporate world which means it’ll look great anywhere in the house. Perfect if you don’t have a dedicated office for your work from home job. As a bonus, it has drawers for storage and the standing desk portion lifts up and down to convert between sitting and standing. 


  • Rustic design will look great anywhere in your home
  • Plenty of storage
  • Converts between sitting and standing


  • Arrives in heavy boxes
  • Might be difficult to assemble for some people
  • Tray moves forward taking up additional space when raised

Best for: Someone who needs storage or wants something that will look great in their home

Halter Cherry Height Adjustable 36 Inch Stand Up Desk

This isn’t a full desk, it’s actually just a riser that you put on top of your existing one. It will convert almost any desk into a standing one; perfect if you already have a desk that you love in your home office. It’s also easy to adjust so you can get a comfortable position regardless of height.


  • Comes pre-assembled so you can use it right away
  • Can be raised or lowered depending on height or for a sitting position
  • Easy to adjust


  • Might not work with all desks
  • If you don’t have a desk for your home office you’ll still need to buy one
  • Not as stable as dedicated standing desks

Best for: A person who doesn’t want to give up their current desk

Mobile Laptop Standing Desk

This laptop desk is super convenient if you want a space-saving option for your work at home job. It can easily be moved around the house and has multiple configurations depending on your preferred work style. Since it can be adjusted to standing or sitting height you’ll definitely get your money’s worth with this budget-friendly standing desk option.


  • Space-saving
  • Lots of adjustment options
  • Good for laptops and all in one computer


  • No storage
  • Small work area
  • Knobs have to be twisted to adjust the height

Best for: Someone who wants a lot of adjustment options

Double Sitting and Standing Desk

This is a super unique design for a standing desk! On one side you have a desk at standing height, and the other is for sitting at. This would be a great combo if you do a variety of work during the day that requires standing for specific tasks while sitting for others, or if you shared your office with someone who likes to sit. Or just leave one side open and swap your laptop when you feel like changing it up!


  • Rustic design will look great in your work from home office
  • Accommodates one or two people
  • Lots of workspace and shelves underneath for storage


  • Height isn’t adjustable
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Difficult to assemble

Best for: Home offices that need some extra surface area or someone who wants a fixed option for sitting and standing

UNICOO Height Adjustable Workstation

This standing desk is super compact. It’s designed to strictly be a workstation which means next to no actual desk space. But, it’s also super adjustable. If space is an issue or you only come back and forth to your computer (not working at the desk for long periods) I think this standing desk would be an amazing choice. Especially since you can use a laptop or desktop computer on it!


  • Rolls around the house so you can work from anywhere
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Doesn’t take up much space


  • Very little extra surface area
  • Wheels might be tough to roll on different flooring
  • Not convenient to change the height frequently

Best for: Anyone who needs to move their workstation around a lot

VIVO Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk

It’s hard to find good quality standing desks for work from home jobs that have electric adjusting mechanisms. Instead of fiddling with knobs or levers, the desk adjusts with just a push of a button. The simple, clean design of the desk will look good in your home or work at home office and the wide leg design gives it extra stability for everyday use.


  • Adjusts electronically with a push of a button
  • Good size with plenty of surface area
  • Stylish for home use


  • Tabletop feels a bit unsteady
  • Some difficulty during assembly
  • Since it relies on an electronic system there’s no easy way to repair it if it stops working

Best for: Those who don’t want to deal with adjusting their desk manually

Black Steel Pipe and Wooden Butcher Block Standing Desk

This one is a bit pricey for someone who works from home but depending on your line of work it might be just what you need. This stylish butcher block is standing height and would be great as a regular desk or spreading out your crafting on. Even better? They take custom orders so you can get exactly what you want.


  • Sturdy and stylish design
  • Large surface area to work on
  • Custom made product


  • Height isn’t adjustable
  • No storage
  • Takes up more space than some other desk options

Best for: Somebody looking for a high-end option

So which one of these standing desks for work at home jobs is the best? 

This one is actually a tough call. I love the electric desk because it’s so easy to adjust, but the space-saving models are practical for working at home too. Of course, we have to pick a winner! The Tribesigns Rustic Lift Top Computer Desk is my favorite standing desk pick for working at home.

One of the things that sold me on this standing desk was the design. With a rustic look, it fits into most people’s decor. Which is handy if you don’t have a dedicated home office. It also has more storage than the other options, which again, is nice for working at home.

I liked that you could adjust it to a sitting or standing level easily. Most of the time I don’t want to stand or sit all day, so it’s nice to be able to change it up easily. Plus multiple heights means most people can find a position that’s comfortable even if they’re tall or short.

One criticism I have, though, is the way the standing portion pulls out and forward. I would prefer something a little bit more fixed in place. I feel like it could be bumped easily while extended. 

Really, if you’re looking for a great standing desk for work from home jobs any of these workstations would improve your life and your health. Don’t forget to move around or workout while working at your standing desk… Standing in one place for too long is bad for you too! 

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