Best Workout Equipment for Small Spaces

Working out in small spaces can be challenging in its own right. But finding the right equipment? It shouldn’t feel like such an uphill battle. So, here’s the deal. I’ve rounded up some of the best workout equipment for small spaces. If staying on top of your fitness commitments this year, and getting shape sounds good to you, these are a great place to start! What’s worse than a bulky, complicated machine to get your workout in with? The price tag that comes along with it. Turns out, by buying fitness equipment that suits your space well. You’re actually saving a bit of dough, too. Which one of these pieces of equipment will make it into your apartment?

This is the Best Workout Equipment for Small Spaces

Whatever it takes to get the job done. That’s what you need to get in shape this year. Spending too much time focusing on the accessories, and trimmings that go into getting a good workout take away from it entirely. Exercise should serve as your own personal getaway for the day. A time when you can get your heart rate up, and sweat all your stress away. We’re going to review some of the best pieces of fitness equipment to help you meet your goals. Not only that, but they’re perfectly well suited for small, and tight spaces!

What Workout Equipment Can You use in Small Spaces?

There are more options out there than you think for getting in a killer workout without much space. Plenty of people deal with the reality of living in smaller apartments, or sharing space with family, roommates, (and of course, pets!) Sometimes a lack of space is completely unavoidable. To make the best out of it, we’re going to help you find the best workout equipment for small rooms.  

There’s a lot of different types of equipment out there, depending on what your fitness plan and goals look like. Cardio equipment like rowers, stationary bikes, and even treadmills can come in pretty unique configurations to meet your needs. Then there’s resistance training, which can of course utilize very simplistic and space-conscious equipment.

How to Get a Good Workout Without Gym Equipment

At the end of the day. The biggest takeaway is that you don’t need huge, bulky and overpriced cable machines. That goes for those targeted muscle plate machines, too! They’re great for people looking to make huge gains in short periods of time, but not for your apartment. Or home, for that matter. Not only are these machines huge and incredibly expensive. But they’re also totally redundant. 

Ok, hear me out. 

These machines are designed to target certain muscle groups, not an entire full body workout. In reality, they tend to just over complicate a simple movement that could easily be replicated with half of the equipment, and a different approach. Since workout out at home means training more than just your biceps,  you’re going to need a more comprehensive solution. There are lots of great workout solutions out there for small homes. To show you how to get a well-rounded workout without much room, we’re going to review the best workout equipment for small spaces! Check out some of our most recommended pieces of equipment below!

Oyo Personal Gym Full Body Portable Package

Lately there’s been more and more of these ‘all in one’ gym sets that seem to promise the world. They’re often funny looking, and don’t always get the job done. You know, the kind you see on infomercials. The Oyo is a step above the rest. Don’t be fooled by it’s funny looking shape, but this little piece of equipment is perfect for small spaces! 

It comes with everything you need for a comprehensive resistance workout. It even does some cardio, too! It utilizes what they’re calling Spiraflex technology. This cord and flywheel bow looking thing is akin to what keeps astronauts in shape. In studies, it’s even been shown to provide as effective muscle growth as traditional free weights. So, instead of thinking about bulky Bowflex machines and other huge apparatuses, think small!

Bodycraft Pro Air Resistance Rower Folding Machine

Bodycraft is a trusted name in fitness equipment for quite a long time now. They provide fitness equipment that revolves around your lifestyle, and fitness goals. This rower is no exception. Now, you may be thinking a rowing machine would be far too long to fit in your small amount of workout space. In fact, this machine folds conveniently to allow for easy storage, and little space consumption. 

The bodycraft pro is an air and magnetic resistance rower. That means it dosen’t need a huge bulky water tank, or spinning discs. It uses a strong central bar for the rowing seat, giving it a sturdy and reliable feel. It even has small wheels to help you move it around as soon as it’s all folded up! With premium, heavy-duty feeling components. You can be confident about the quality of this machine. 

Sunny Health & Fitness Comfort XL Exercise Bike

This is a recumbent exercise bike that’s also foldable! It’s a perfect piece of workout equipment for small spaces, as it can easily be stowed away. It’s loaded with features you’d expect to find in a commercial gym stationary bike, too. Stationary bikes are a great way to get your cardio in. They’re purpose built for smaller exercise spaces, taking up more vertical space than anything else. There are 10 levels of magnetic resistance in this upright bike, making it a formidable tool for getting your heartrate up! The best cardio equipment is the ones you’ll use. If we’re being honest, that goes for just about anything fitness related. 

The seat is totally adjustable. There’s a digital progress monitor, pulse sensors, adjustable resistance and even a tablet holder! This rower folds well, and could easily be stored in a closet. For a simple to use and low-impact at home cardio solution, this bike fares well!

Veick Resistance Bands

You can practically forget about big, bulky and unbelievably expensive dumbells with resistance bands. The same levels of intensity you get from a dumbell workout, can also be achieved with resistance bands. In fact, you’re in for a safer, more low impact and targeted exercise with these bands. Featuring 5 levels of resistance (in pounds), these bands can be used individually or in conjunction with each other for a great workout. 

The best thing about this workout equipment for small spaces is how bare bones it is. You don’t have to worry about these snapping, either. These bands have an outer rubber tube that contains the inner band even if it snaps. A set of accessories, featuring handles, door anchors and couplings make this a complete set that doesn’t take up a lot of space. You could store this set of resistance bands literally anywhere! One thing you’ve got to know about resistance bands. They give you more of a workout than you think!

Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands

Make a full-body workout a whole lot easier with these pushup stands! They’re an incredibly small investment in your fitness routine, but they can make a big difference. They easily eliminate some of the strain that comes with old fashioned push ups, so you can complete even more sets. That means a more effective workout, in less time and with less soreness. By elevating just slightly, and providing handles, this is the best way to do pushups without slipping.  

Small and efficient, these provide a more comfortable grip for working on your pushup PB’s. Using small pieces of equipment like this to improve your overall workout can slowly help you make progress you were struggling with previously. We love how these pushup stands help reach better results. 

Thanks for checking out our reviews of the best workout equipment for small spaces! Hopefully you found something to get your workout routine in check, regardless of what kind of space you’re dealing with. Feel free to reach out and tell us which of these would give you the best results, and versatility. There’s a lot out there for slim, foldable pieces of equipment to fit your small rooms! 

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