Bleh. | How pumpkin pie smoothies saved my morning.

SO. Being mommy and being sick SUCKS.

That’s right. I’m officially full of crud (and not the funnybecausewhatI’msayingispithy kind. The myheadmightexplodeifIblowmynosewrong kind). That being said, IT STINKS. Smalls doesn’t know that mommy feels like garbage…and why should he?

pumpkin pie smoothieWell, because if he understood, then I could rest on the couch. But he doesn’t, so I have to pull it together…kind of.

Is It Naptime Yet?

Yesterday, just to make it through, I kept watching the clock. The hours DRAGGED until nap time…but at least he took a nap! And I rested. For about 15 minutes.

See, beyond mommy duties, I also legitimately work from home, a job that requires me to work around my mommy schedule. So I get in work when I can. I need my paycheck, so being sick really doesn’t work for me right now. AT ALL.

As you can probably guess, when I got up this morning, I wasn’t feeling up to any ‘mommy’ business. I really just wanted to crawl back under the covers…but I didn’t.

I put on a smile, sang songs with little man, and made him a pumpkin pie smoothie for breakfast.

He was IN HEAVEN. He was quiet for a whole 30 minutes while he happily sipped on it (and my head had a chance to not hurt for a bit)!! Not kidding! You’ve really got to try it.

Want the recipe?

easy pumpkin pie smoothiesPumpkin Pie Smoothie(s)

This recipe makes enough to feed both myself and Smalls…or myself twice.

Combine the yogurt and the oats the night before, and allow them to sit in the fridge so that the oats get soft. If you want to skip this step, you’ll want to baby cereal, like I did this morning.

Combine all of the ingredients in your blender, adding the milk and ice to the consistency you prefer. Blend until smooth, adding more milk for a runnier consistency.

Then just pour into glasses (or these awesome mason jars) and enjoy the deliciousness (…and the quiet!)!

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