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When Smalls started having trouble controlling his impulses in school, I looked high and low for answers. I took a look at oils (he uses them daily), books, restricting screen time (he already did not have a tablet, so we eliminated all television Monday through Friday), and it would help…but not really.

And then I met this amazing woman (you’ll meet her in a minute) that had a coloring book that focused on breathing.

Y’all. This book should be required reading for

I actually had to order another coloring book for myself so that Smalls could keep his.

breathe in colorBreathe In Color Coloring Book For Breathing Techniques

I am so super excited to introduce you to Jessica Brittini, the mastermind behind Breathe in Color (Smalls uses the breathing techniques that she teaches to help him control his impulses in school, and so far we’ve had our best weeks yet!).

Did you know you are born with tools to handle our daily stresses?

First, I want to start off noticing how you feel, really noticing:

  • Do you feel relaxed?
  • Feel stressed?
  • Do you feel worried?
  • Do you feel happy? 

Let’s try something:

  1. Put your hand on your belly and take a deep breath in, now exhale very slowly.
  2. Repeat this two more times.

How do you feel now?

During the last minute, you were mindful and living in the moment by being aware of your breath. 

breath in technique coloring book review It’s that easy to bring us back to the present moment with Breathe In Color

When we are in the present moment we are not worrying or in our head with our 50,000 thoughts a day. 

There are many benefits of breathing including improving focus, helping sleep better, and handle our emotions better. 

Perfect example, I graduated from college last week and sat next to the student speaker. Before she spoke she was so nervous, so we quietly did that deep breathing exercise and she said how she felt much better, and then gave an amazing speech! 

Learning these breathing tools at a young age to help the child to grow with more self-control and sense of self. It is important to practice controlled breathing with children in a calm atmosphere and in a fun way, so it doesn’t come off as a chore.

When children understand different breathing exercises when a difficult situation comes up they will be able to remember to use controlled breathing to bring them back to the moment and out of their head with worries that aren’t needed and only make the situation worse. 

There are different ways to learn these tools including as simple as counting breathes. Inhaling for four seconds, holding your breath for seven and exhaling for eight seconds. This is called the 4-7-8 breath.

A great tool that was recently published is a coloring book that teaches these exercises. 

Breathe In Color is an interactive coloring book that teaches breathing exercises. We are doing a giveaway for this coloring book if you sign up here. 

About The Creator

Hi! I’m Jessica, the founder of Calm & Colorful. My mission for creating Calm & Colorful is to help children understand their emotions and teach children tools to handle different emotions children have, that will help them for the rest of their lives. I taught children of all ages over the past ten years which included volunteering in Thailand and India. In India, I even had the opportunity to work closely with Buddhist monks of all ages! I hav

e worked with hundreds of children and incorporated mindful techniques that provided comfort to children going through different difficult situations. The severity of the situations ranged from a child having a bad day to the loss of a loved one. Seeing the benefits of these techniques is why I decided to start a business to teach children how to handle their emotions themselves, as well as teach adults with children in their lives how to teach them.

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