Grass Fed Beef Benefits You Need to Know

Grass Fed Beef Benefits You Need to Know - Did you know that there are grass fed beef benefits compared to other types of beef? Take the time to educate yourself here! #grassfed #benefits #healthy #health #breagettingfit

If you’re consuming beef, there are definitely grass fed beef benefits that you need to know. Get ready to be educated on why grass fed beef offers better long-term benefits for you and your body.  The next time you head to the store to buy a beef product, ask yourself if you know the back…

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5 Morning Workouts to Jumpstart Your Day

5 Morning Workouts to Jumpstart Your Day - Are you looking for some simple Morning Workouts to Jumpstart Your Day? You aren't going to want to miss these great ideas! #workout #easy #jumpstart #breagettingfit

Are you looking for a super simple way to jumpstart your day easily? Morning workouts can be a great way to get motivated and have fun. Not too mention, they’re perfect for stimulating the heart rate and giving you energy for the rest of the day. If you’re looking for some great recommendations for easy…

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Exercises You Can Do Indoors With No Equipment

Don't use a shortage of equipment as an excuse, check out these Exercises You Can Do Indoors With No Equipment instead! Stay in shape and feel great. #exercise #easy #noequipment #simple #athomeworkout #breagettingfit

Some days heading out to the gym is just not in the cards due to your busy schedule, or maybe the weather is just too miserable to leave the house for a jog, not to worry because you can still get a great workout. There are lots of exercises that you can do in the…

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Best Workout Equipment for an Apartment

You really should see the Best Workout Equipment for an Apartment! Don't let small spaces keep you from being fit, these tips will help! #workout #equipment #smallspaces #apartment #healthy #easy #breagettingfit

In my entire life, I’ve never lived in a large home. In fact, I currently live in a 495 square foot condo that I love, but it only has so much space for the things that I enjoy. And, like many people who live in small spaces, I constantly fight against clutter that can quickly…

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Ways to keep kids fit while staying at home

Learn these simple and helpful ways to keep kids fit while staying at home. Staying at home doesn't mean no more exercise! Your kids will enjoy these ideas. #exercise #activities #kids #ideas #helpful #breagettingfit

Kids have to stay active. Usually, it’s not too difficult; it definitely seems like most kids have an endless supply of energy. As more and more kids are spending time on screens, though, it’s harder to get them to stay active. Add it being stuck at home and it’s even more difficult! These ways to…

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Best Instant Pot Cookbooks for Keto and Paleo Diets

We have found the very Best Instant Pot Cookbooks for Keto and Paleo Diets. These cookbooks are a must-have and have delicious healthy recipes. #cookbooks #instantpot #pressurecooker #keto #paleo #diet #breagettingfit

As a busy mom, I really don’t have time to be making special meals for my family every night! After recently committing to a low-carb diet, I’ve been on the hunt for the best instant pot cookbooks for keto and paleo diets so I can make quick (and easy!) meals for my family.  Best Instant…

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Composition and Health Benefits and Uses of Cinnamon

Learn all about the Composition and Health Benefits and Uses of Cinnamon! You will be amazed by all the fantastic qualities it has. #cinnamon #healthy #benefits #best #breagettingfit

The dried leaves and inner bark of the cinnamon tree are used in powder or “stick” form as a popular, fragrant and aromatic spice. A native of Asia, cinnamon was known for its medicinal properties in ancient times in different parts of the world. It is believed that the bark of cinnamon was used by…

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Delicious Paleo Sheet Pan Meals

You can't help but drool when you see these Delicious Paleo Sheet Pan Meals! They are simple to make and taste heavenly. Paleo dinner ideas just got easier. #paleo #glutenfree #easy #sheetpan #dinner #simple #dairyfree #breagettingfit

Each one of these paleo sheet pan meals is out of this world! You can eat a paleo diet and still enjoy tons of flavor. Not only do these meals taste great, but they are also easy and you won’t have near the dishes to wash as normal! Call me crazy, but that’s a HUGE…

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Best Fans for Strollers

We have a guide for the Best Fans for Strollers. Heading out with the kids and strollers in the heat is much better with a fan or two. #stroller #fans #kids #hot #best #easy #strollerfan #breagettingfit

Ya’ll know how it is to hit the sidewalk for the first time this summer only to remember what it’s like getting your daily runner’s fix under that beating sun. Taking stock of your running gear before suiting up the stroller?  We’ve reviewed some new stroller fans on the market to keep your forehead cool…

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Best Standing Desks for Work From Home Jobs

Check out these Best Standing Desks for Work From Home Jobs. These standing desks are a great way to stay healthy while working. #standing #desk #homeoffice #healthy #creative #best #breagettingfit

Standing desks aren’t just another workplace craze. We know that sitting all day isn’t good for us, but it’s pretty tough to avoid if you need a desk to do your job. Or at least, I thought so. These standing desks for work from home jobs completely changed my mind! Here’s my favorite options to…

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