Work From Home

Are you interested in a work from home job? How about working from home at your own business? At home jobs, freelancing, and side businesses are great ways for SAHMs (stay at home moms) to earn extra income while being home with their kids. It’s also great for those who don’t want to work a traditional 9-5, want a flexible schedule, or want to be at home for any reason.

There’s a lot of different ways you can work from home using the internet. Have you ever thought about becoming a virtual assistant? How about starting your own at home business?

Working from home is a great way to find work life balance in your life.

work from home mom

Life of a Work From Home Mom | What I do All Day?

Yesterday someone asked me what I do. Maybe it’s just me, but that question always slightly irks me. This question is always asked directly after everyone else gives answers like “receptionist”, “lawyer”, “dentist”, or “personal assistant”. For some reason, the fact that I work from home makes me a leper. Other moms (and dads) always look …

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