How to Package Bath Salts | Handmade Bath Salt Packaging Ideas

Bath salts are quick and easy to make at home. The secret to turning simple bath salts into a great looking gift is in the packaging. Attractive packaging will transform even the most basic of bath salts into a much appreciated gift that takes pride of place in the bathroom. How to Package Bath Salts…

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Fun Soap Making Craft Ideas for Kids

Every parent, teacher, and youth group leader knows how challenging it can be to find new fun crafts for kids. Here’s some good clean fun for kids to adults alike: creating melt and pour glycerin soaps with embedded toys, flowers, charms, or any other small objects that will fit into the soap mold. It’s a…

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Easy Lemon Cake Homemade Sugar Scrub

This Easy Lemon Cake Homemade Sugar Scrub makes your skin feel so silky and smooth. Give it as a gift or keep it for yourself! It smells amazing too. #sugarscrub #diy #homemade #scrub #bodyscrub #easy #simple #exfoliating #breagettingfit

This Lemon Cake Homemade Sugar Scrub is scrumptious. It’s a super simple recipe (my favorite!) and can be put together in less than 5 minutes! My hands always feel amazing and hydrated after using this sugar scrub. Plus, it’s a beautiful combination of cake and lemon, so you know it smells incredible! Super Easy Lemon…

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25 Easy DIY Lip Balm And Scrubs

Making your own easy DIY lip balm and scrubs is so much fun! Plus, it feels so good to use your newly made items and they smell amazing too. #lipbalm #bodyscrubs #diy #doityourself #homemade #easy #simple #breagettingfit

If you’re tired of spending money at the store buying beauty and lip products, it’s time to make your own. These easy DIY lip balm and scrubs are a simple solution that is actually fun to make.  What I love most about these simple homemade ideas is that they also make really great gift ideas…

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20 Amazing DIY Lavender Products You Will Love

DIY Lavender Products | Making Products That Use Lavender | Lavender Products To Give As Gifts | Impressive Lavender Products | #lavender #uses #products #oils #essentialoils #diy #creative #unique #breagettingfit

Do you love the smell of lavender? What if I were to tell you that you could easily get that scent and smell any time of the day that you want? These DIY Lavender Products are so simple and easy to do and can easily be made up as a great gift to give to…

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Hazelnut Coffee Soap Recipe

coffee soap with beans around it on plate

If you love the scent of coffee, you’re about to go bananas for this Hazelnut Coffee Soap Recipe. I know what you’re thinking. I’m a bit of a soap fanatic. And while that may have a little bit of truth to it, what I really love is being able to treat my skin and health…

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DIY Vanilla Coffee Soap

vanilla coffee soap

Who says that amazing scent of coffee just has to be for your morning cup of joe? This DIY Vanilla Coffee Soap will give you that smell all day long! Let me be the first to admit that I love a good cup of coffee. Maybe it’s because of the way it gets me out…

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Cinnamon Oatmeal Soap with Essential Oils

cinnamon oatmeal soap bar

If you’re looking for a great new soap recipe for your household to use, you’ll love this Cinnamon Oatmeal Soap with Essential Oils. It’s simple and smells so good! Is it weird to say that I love smelling soap? And not in a way where I’m running from store to store and giving them all…

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Migraine Bath Bombs

how to make bath bomb

Feeling like you need a little attention for your noggin? These Migraine Bath Bombs can be made from the comfort of your own home! Pain in the head is the worst. It ranks right up there with tooth pain if you ask me. And I don’t know if it’s the change in the seasons or…

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