Chia Peach Green Smoothie

Do you have trouble remembering to eat? I get it. That’s why I created this quick and easy list of ideas for eating on the go. In a hurry? Jump to the recipe!

So yesterday. I totally forgot to eat breakfast. Do you ever do that? Mornings get busy, you’re rushing to make the kids breakfast and pack their lunches, and you have to pack hubby’s too, because habit. Then you’re asking them to get dressed, no really this time. And after looking for the missing homework that you swore was in the homework folder yesterday, you have to leave right now.

And you get home from drop off just in time to help The Baby to second breakfast (it’s not just for hobbits), let the sitter in, and run upstairs to jump on a call and start work for the day. Pretty soon, you put The Baby down for a nap, and realize that it’s noon and you’ve forgotten to eat.

I swear this happens to me daily. When it does, I usually reach for a protein shake or grab a handful of freeze-dried fruits or veggies…but none of that sounded good. And since I’m doing the whole Whole30 thing, that’s out. But I still wanted a smoothie.

Chia Peach Green Smoothie

I really, really love a good smoothie.

Chia Peach Green Smoothie

Add all of your ingredients to blender in order listed (you want your greens on the bottom by the blade so they blend better). Blend until smooth and enjoy immediately.

Pro Tip: Smoothies are the perfect recipe for substitutions.  Try swapping different greens or fruits to mix it up. Kale and collards sub well for spinach in any smoothie recipe. Nectarines or apricots would be delicious in place of the peaches.

Chia & Whole30

 Chia seeds not only have fiber and essential omega-3 fatty acids but they contain all of the essential amino acids from protein. In the world of Whole30, chia seeds are considered a fat. According to the meal plan template, this smoothie doesn’t quite qualify, but it does leave me feeling satiated and able to make it 3-4 hours until my next meal. 

Because it’s so high in fat, I don’t make this a regular thing, but in a pinch. (Especially when you forget to eat like I do, this works, is delicious, and healthy.)

Honestly, I think that’s why I keep coming back to Whole30. It’s a meal plan that I can make work for me, even when I have an “off” day and don’t quite make the meal plan template. Yes, it can be a lot of work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be easy and adaptable when you need it to be.

What’s your favorite “in a pinch” meal?

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