Chocolate Nut Butter Nice Cream




The end of clean eating as we know it… or is it?

We all get those sweet eating blues. God, do we get those blues! That desperate moment where you want to shove your face into the ice cream carton or sneak those fun size M&M’s in the bathroom when your kids are taking their nap.

Been there, done that!

It’s so hard to resist those urges, especially when your kiddos are begging for one scoop of ice cream after dinner and the spoon you just finished using still has some drops of that chocolate ice cream.


What if I told y’all there’s a better chocolate ice cream out there? A NICE cream? AND, you can make it at home with ingredients already in your pantry!

It’s real! I promise! It’s also chocolatey!

Chocolate Nut Butter Nice Cream

Chocolate Cashew Butter Nice Cream



Get everything ready and chop the frozen bananas into chunks to make it easier on your blender.

Chocolate Nut Butter Nice Cream

Place the bananas in the blender or food processor followed by the remaining ingredients (reserving one tablespoon of cashew butter).

Chocolate Nut Butter Nice Cream

Blend until combined. If using a blender, you will need to use a tamper to blend the mixture as it will be thick. If using a food processor, you may need to stop and scrape down the sides.

Chocolate Nut Butter Nice Cream

Blend until thick and combined. Use a spatula to place mixture into a large bowl.

Stir in the remaining peanut butter for a swirl look.

Chocolate Nut Butter Nice Cream

Divide into two bowls and enjoy!

Chocolate Nut Butter Nice Cream

Makes 2 cups

This recipe won’t last long, in fact, we like to eat our nice cream as soon as we’re done making it. But if you want to store it, you can totally do that. Spoon your nice cream into a freezer-safe container for up to two weeks (but I bet you won’t have any left to store)!

What’s your favorite nice cream flavor?

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