Hazelnut Coffee Soap Recipe

If you love the scent of coffee, you’re about to go bananas for this Hazelnut Coffee Soap Recipe.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m a bit of a soap fanatic. And while that may have a little bit of truth to it, what I really love is being able to treat my skin and health with DIY items that I can make.

coffee soap recipe

I’m not a fan of over-the-counter products because they contain a lot of stuff that I can’t even pronounce. And yes, even if that item is “just” soap, I feel very strongly about it.

Just stop and think about how many times in a day you or your family wash their hands. And those chemicals can seep into your skin or if your little ones puts their hands in their mouth…you get the drill. It’s just not worth it to me.

This is one of the biggest reasons that I’m taking charge of my home products and making them myself! And this Hazelnut Coffee Soap recipe is one of my new favorites!

Coffee Soap Recipe

You just need a few simple ingredients and supplies to get started. And don’t worry. You can get most of these at Michael’s or the beloved Amazon.

Supplies needed to make the coffee soap

How to make coffee soap

Step 1. Start by cutting the soap base into 1-inch pieces. Then take those pieces and put them in the measuring cup. Place in the microwave and heat up for 30 seconds. Once done, stir very well. If it isn’t completely melted at that point, add back into the microwave and continue melting in 10-second intervals, stirring in between.

Step 2. Once it is completely melted, stir in your coffee grounds.

making coffee soapStep 3. After that has been added, it’s time to add in the essential oil. Stir well.

coffee soap recipe cold process

Step 4. (It should be smelling great right about now!) Take your mixture and pour into the soap molds.

Step 5. Use the rubbing alcohol and lightly spray on top. This prevents bubbles from forming.

Step 6. Once done, leave and let set for about 60 minutes. Remove from mold.

how to make coffee soapSee how simple it can be to make your own soap? This recipe is also such a winner that I suggest using this recipe during the holidays to create your own DIY soap Christmas gifts!

Who wouldn’t love to have their own delicious smelling soap to use over and over again? There’s seriously just something so wonderful about the scent of coffee that it just makes sense to have it solidified in soap form!

More DIY Goodies To Make

I’ve also discovered that any type of homemade gift is great for teacher’s as well. If you have kiddos in school, create a little spa day basket for their teacher to have some pamper time as well! Don’t they deserve it after hanging out with all those kids all day?!

Have you ever smelled or used homemade coffee soap before?

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