Common Questions About Barre Workouts

I get asked (quite a lot, actually!) why I chose barre workouts over the myriad of other options out there. And honestly, I’ve done my time in the gym. I’ve slaved and sweated in classes, and I do enjoy a good BodyPUMP class every now and again. Heck, I even have an elliptical machine that I use 2-3 times a week sometimes. Here’s some common questions about barre workouts I see a lot.

Common Questions About Barre Workouts

I always come back to barre. ALWAYS. So, for those of you on the fence, and those of you whom frequent my giant list of Free Barre Workouts, and those of you who’ve kindly emailed about this…here are some answers for you:
Why should you use barre workouts? Common Questions About Barre Workouts

Why barre workouts?

Because that’s where I get my results. No, really! I notice a major (and I mean pant sizes, people!) difference between the months and years that I’ve dedicated to doing barre workouts and ballet-based training versus The FIRM my previous method of choice.

I see results faster, and I don’t have aching joints like I used to when I ran. Not to mention that my posture has dramatically improved! Barre workouts are easy on your body, but oh-so-effective!

On top of that, while I enjoy other workouts, I have really, truly fallen in love with barre workouts. I look forward to the shaking muscles, and barely being able to pull myself up the basement stairs.

Will I see faster results if I run/walk/bike/etc.?

In my experience, yes and no…you’ll increase your stamina faster, but I think that Tracy Anderson has a point about repetitive motion and it building your larger muscles at the expense of your smaller ones…the smaller ones are the “defining” muscles that give barre students that long and lean dancer look.

So…if you aren’t worried about building a small amount of bulk, go for it. Like I said, I have an elliptical that I use sometimes. So I’m not judging.

Do you prefer one workout over another?

Kind of. I started with The Bar Method, and I always recommend it to beginners. It’s slower paced, and while the music isn’t as fun and the instructors are very much “all business”, it will give you a solid foundation moving forward.

Tracy Anderson Beginner Workout

Other favorites of mine are Tracy Anderson’s workouts (her Method for Beginners is great), Physique 57, and Barre3 currently.

I do like Pure Barre, Ballet Beautiful, and others, but I don’t find myself reaching for them as often as the others. I think it’s just personal preference.

I would recommend that you pop on over and check out the extensive list of FREE workouts that I have compiled from the major barre instructors out there and see who you mesh with.

You may be surprised!

Do I NEED a ballet barre for barre workouts?

Nope! You can just use the back of a chair, a waist-level counter or ledge, or the back of your couch. Just be sure that whatever you use is stable, and watch your form. You WILL most likely need some light to medium hand weights (usually between 3 and 10 pounds), as well as a playground ball.

If you want the “real” experience, get yourself a cheap ballet barre. Chairs work, but I enjoy the adjustable height of a bar, which is why I still have my Fluidity Barre.

How long until I see results?

SOON! When I first started barre again (I’ll admit it…I slacked after Smalls was born…I was TIRED!), I noticed a difference in my body in just a few weeks, and Ish seemed to notice too…ahem.

My jeans were fitting better, I moved back into my small and medium tops, my arms were thinner. All good signs that the workouts are effective!

I truly hope that I answered your questions about my love of barre workouts. If you find that aren’t sure where to start, I recommend checking out my page of 150+ FREE barre workouts, complete with YouTube links! I’ve personally done each and every workout, and have only included those that I think are of a certain quality.

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