28 Creative Workout Ideas For Busy People

When you realize that you are going to be time-poor for the next few weeks, you have to get creative, not just with meal planning, but workouts as well. While I’m going to make a commitment to get to at least 3 6:30 a.m. Crossfit workouts as possible, the first few weeks will likely find me flexing my muscles in the evenings during chores or while I’m making dinner. That’s where creative workout ideas come in.

28 Creative Workout Ideas

Not idea, but it happens! Especially when you’ve got the end of the school year (Thursday), half days, and a new job all coming together at the same time. It’s just a lot. So I have to use some of my more creative workout ideas.

28 Creative Workout Ideas


Now, I’m not the first person to get creative with their workouts, there are even entire websites dedicated to creative workout ideas, like The Traveling WOD, or even the 100+ workouts on my free workout page.

Creative Workout Ideas You Can Do Daily

  1. Wall balls (use a playground ball or Ugi)
  2. Traveling squats
  3. Side lunges
  4. Traveling lunges (side, back, front)
  5. Frog hops
  6. De-stabilized fire hydrants (use an Ugi or Bosu)
  7. Hip circles
  8. Snow angels
  9. Crab walks
  10. Alphabet abs or arms
  11. Inchworms
  12. Jump rope
  13. Slalom jumps
  14. Shadow boxing
  15. Around the worlds with weights
  16. Clock hands
  17. Sticky feet shuffle
  18. Grapevines
  19. Calf raises
  20. Plank jacks
  21. Step jacks
  22. Cha cha
  23. Rhumba
  24. Weighted Russian twists
  25. Squat jumps
  26. Bridges
  27. Hip thrusts (there has to be a better word for that!)
  28. Superman

The best part about having a workout arsenal is that you can do them a little bit at a time. You can do walking lunges while folding laundry, or while vacuuming. Or do Russian twists while you’re playing on the floor with your kids.

More than anything, it’s about just being active. It’s about making sure that you move every day. Even if that means strapping on an activity tracker that reminds you to move. Many of us work sitting all day-I know I do. But you can take breaks, and use those breaks to get a little bit of fitness in.

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