DIY Anti-Stress Bombs

Do you get that feeling of just wanting to scream at the top of your lungs or ripping out your hair with your bare hands? Welcome to my world. You need some DIY Anti-stress bombs, recipe here.

DIY Anti-Stress Bombs

Gosh, why does stress have to be so stressful? I mean, we go through the motions every day, from trying to be a good parent to being a sensible person of society, but still when that stress gets to you… BOOM!

My goal lately has been trying to live in a positive mind and lead a happy life… easier said than done my friends. I feel like I have made progress but again, I’M HUMAN!  Sometimes I can’t help myself. The stress gets to me but the worst part is, I let it!


I don’t know.


Haven’t quite figured it out there BUT I do have some things I go to during this time of need, like these DIY Anti-Stress Bombs. You have NO idea what a blessing these things have become in my life. You seriously need to try them!

Get the recipe on how to make bath bombs below!

DIY Anti-Stress Bombs, how to make bath bombs,

DIY Anti-Stress Bombs



In a large bowl combine all dry ingredients and mix well. Make sure there are no clumps.

DIY Anti-Stress Bombs

In a small glass bowl, combine the almond oil, essential oils and witch hazel. Whisk.

DIY Anti-Stress Bombs

Pour the liquid mixture into the large bowl, it will fizz once the liquid touches it.

DIY Anti-Stress Bombs

Begin mixing using a fork (or your hands) until everything looks combined and somewhat moist.

DIY Anti-Stress Bombs

Prep your silicone molds and use a spoon to fill the molds halfway. Using a silicone spatula, press the mixture into the molds firmly. Spray each mold with a small bit of water (one spray) and press down again to make sure they’re firm.

DIY Anti-Stress Bombs

Using too much water will cause the bombs to lose their fizz. If you don’t press down firmly, the bombs will not hold together.

Divide the rest of the mixture into the molds and again press down firmly. Spray the top with water and press down again.

Let sit on the counter for twenty-four hours to set before removing from molds.

DIY Anti-Stress Bombs

Makes 4 large ball style bombs.

Note: From the mica powder and the almond oil these bombs will leave your bath a bit slippery- so take caution when getting out!

Do you need some DIY Anti-Stress Bombs too?


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