Super Easy DIY Dryer Sheets

I’ve been pretty vocal about getting the yuck out of my house. I use natural products whenever possible and buy organic. I even use salt, vinegar, and baking soda to clean my house (really)… Skip to the super easy DIY dryer sheets.

Super Easy DIY Dryer Sheets

But I’ve got a confession to make. I miss dryer sheets. Sure, my dryer balls are awesome, but they don’t seem to infuse my clothes with much scent (maybe I’m doing it wrong-leave me a comment!), but I know that dryer sheets are full of yucky stuff that I definitely do NOT want near my skin or on my kids.

So I’ve been working on creating a recipe of sorts-one that makes my house smell less like “boy”. Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys. But they smell. And my diffuser is great, but having super fresh scented clothes, and sheets, and towels, and well, everything is so much better.

Especially with the weather warming up and the running and the sweating… But I digress. I finally found a concoction that works just as well as the dryer sheets I used to buy, at a fraction of the price and without the yuck.

Plus, I can change the scent with each batch I make to suit my mood. I’ve been switching between lavender and Citrus Fresh lately, but you can use whatever essential oils you are currently loving.

Tired of throwing money into your dryer (not literally of course)? I get it. That's why I started making my own DIY dryer sheets. They are so easy, and you can change the scent to suit your mood! #breagettingfit #diydryersheets #diy #laundry #natural #essentialoils #lavender #homemade #clean #scents #clothes #home #frugal

Homemade Reusable Dryer Sheets

DIY dryer sheets

If your fabric is oversized, cut it down into 6-inch squares.

I had some linen napkins sitting unused in my closet, so I decided to give them a new life.

If you don’t have old napkins laying around, you can check out the clearance section at any craft store. You can hem the pieces if you’d like, or just re-trim them when they start to fray.

DIY dryer sheets

Once you’ve got your squares, fill your jar with a half cup of vinegar.

DIY dryer sheets

Next, add your choice of essential oils (I am loving lavender right now, as I mentioned) and gently mix the solution using a wooden utensil.

DIY dryer sheets

Carefully roll your fabric squares and insert them into the jar. This will allow them to absorb the liquid.

DIY dryer sheets
Be sure to trim your dryer sheets if you notice fraying. To prevent fraying, you can hem your dryer sheets so that they last longer.

What scent are you going to use for your DIY dryer sheets?


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