DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe with Lime

I had to wear a tank top last weekend. I. Know. And I thought my farmer’s tan was my biggest issue… Turns out I should have spent some time exfoliating my arms, hence the diy sugar scrub recipe below.

DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe with Lime

I have something called Ketosis Pilaris, that makes my skin look like it has raised “chicken skin” type bumps. It’s not harmful, but it does cause my arms to look like I have a zillion tiny whiteheads (gross, I know).

I’m pretty good about keeping things exfoliated to make sure that my arms don’t scare the children, but since we’ve been in Michigan, I honestly haven’t thought about it much. Yes, I’ve been exfoliating the crap out of my legs and feet…

But my arms?

Not so much. Y’all know I love a good sugar scrub, and my go-to recipe is great, but it’s definitely more wintery than I’m feeling with these 80-degree vibes lately.

DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe with Lime

This DIY Sugar Scrub With Lime Hydrates The Skin

I mean, I (shockingly) enjoyed the show this winter.

Not the cold, mind you. I felt like my nose was going to fall off. But the snow was really pretty. For the first few weeks.

Now it’s sunny and bright outside and I just want to sit on my deck in the sun all day. I mean, I can’t. I have to adult and work and make sure that my house is cleaned up.

Which is why I was determined to come up with something that smelled a little like a margarita.

Y’all. This DIY sugar scrub is amazing. It smells like a high-end margarita and is the perfect perk-you-up whether you shower first thing in the morning or at night. Also, if you love DIY’s try this DIY eye cream, it is the bomb-dot-com.

DIY Sugar Scrub with Lime


If you bought your shea butter in a block, you can use a regular cheese grater to shave it, or if you’re impatient (like myself) you can use your food processor with the grater blade.

You’re welcome.

Combine your grated shea butter and the solid coconut oil in a double boiler over medium heat and allow it to begin to melt.

Stir every 2-3 minutes until the oil is melted thoroughly.

You’ll know it’s done (about twelve to fifteen minutes) when the oil is melted but the shea butter still looks slightly “chunky”.  

How To Make A DIY Sugar Scrub With Lime

invigorating DIY Sugar Scrub

Once it’s mostly melted, add in half the lime zest and your essential oil drops. 

hydrating DIY Sugar Scrub

In a large glass bowl, pour in the remaining zest and the white sugar.

diy sugar scrub recipe

Mix until thoroughly combined. 

zesty lime DIY Sugar Scrub

Pour the shea butter mixture into the bowl of sugar.

DIY Sugar Scrub prep

Gently mix with a fork until all of your sugar is coated and wet.

easy DIY Sugar Scrub

Easy DIY Sugar Scrub

Using a spoon or cookie scoop, portion your mixture, pressing the scrub into the molds with a spatula.

Be sure to press down really hard to make sure that they hold together.

DIY Sugar Scrub with lime and coconut

Place your sugar scrub molds in the refrigerator for thirty minutes to set them. 

DIY Sugar Scrub

Store your DIY sugar scrubs in an airtight container out of direct sunlight (they’ll melt if they get too warm). I like to store mine in the fridge because they hold together best that way.

And (total honesty here), if you don’t live in the deep south, your bathroom counter is probably just fine.

This recipe makes 10-12 sugar scrubs depending on the size of your mold. I break one scrub in half and am able to exfoliate both arms.   

Also, this homemade body butter with coconut oil will really hydrate your skin! Then I have a sugar lip scrub that will leave your lips feeling so soft and hydrated!

Do you ever DIY sugar scrubs?

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