The Perfect Relaxing DIY Teacher Gift

Give a gift of relaxation this Christmas to the teachers in your life. This lavender bath soak is the perfect relaxing DIY teacher gift to treat the teacher this Christmas. Easy and affordable to make.  The boy’s teachers work their tails off, Y’all. Skip to the directions here

The Perfect Relaxing DIY Teacher Gift

I mean, I love my kids…but they’re a lot. A.Lot.  Balls of energy is probably giving them too much credit…it’s like their heat-seeking missiles on a path for total destruction. 

Or they’re super well-behaved angels. 

It truly depends on the day. Lately, Smalls (he’s 8) has been far more chill, which I am totally going to credit to the lavender bath soak that he’s been using. I mixed up a small batch to see if adding a bit to the boy’s bath’s would help them chill out a bit…

…and it did!

And this week, as I’m starting to think about teacher gifts this year (which, I’ll be totally honest, I’m not great at-I always forget or go with the last-minute Starbuck’s card), I thought that a little lavender bath soak and maybe a homemade bath bomb would be appreciated. 

So I got to work. 

The Perfect Relaxing DIY Teacher GiftDIY Teachers Gift | Lavender Bath Soak 

(Makes enough to fill about 2 small ornaments.)

diy teacher appreciation gifts - The Perfect Relaxing DIY Teacher GiftUsing a coffee grinder or small food processor, pulse the oats until they turn into a fine powder (they should have a flour-like consistency…and yes, you need to pulse the oats yourself. Oat flour doesn’t work for this, I’ve tried).

Place your finely-ground oats in a small bowl and add the Epsom salts. 

teacher appreciation gifts diy The Perfect Relaxing DIY Teacher GiftPut 1/2 a tablespoon (or 2 teaspoons if you want an exact measurement) of the lavender buds into your food processor or coffee grinder and pulse for 2-5 seconds, just until they’re pulverized. 

Add the pulverized lavender and the lavender buds to your mixture. 

Stir well with a spoon to fully incorporate everything. 

lavender bath soak diy The Perfect Relaxing DIY Teacher GiftYou can totally stop here, and pour your bath soak into a glass container with an air-tight lid for storage…

…or you can make ornaments. 

Lavender Bath Soak Filled Ornaments

If you want to make the ornaments, you’re going to need some supplies:

If you’re giving these to anyone as gifts or present toppers (these are so super cute when they’re tied with twine on butcher paper!), you’ll want to make them look awesome.

I know that I normally don’t get crafty, but these are stupid-easy, y’all. 

The Perfect Relaxing DIY Teacher GiftRemove the top off of each ornament, and use a small funnel to carefully funnel the bath soak into ornaments using a spoon and a whole lot of patience (do this after the kiddos are in bed).

Shake and tap the ornaments as you go to make room for more bath soak, so that you can fill them as full as possible.

To make filling the ornaments easier, I recommend that you place them in small cups or a container with rice to keep them steady as you add the bath soak. 

lavender bath soak recipe The Perfect Relaxing DIY Teacher Gift

Once the ornaments are full, tie a ribbon around the opening and carefully replace the top of the ornament. 

To make sure that nothing comes apart, add a small dot of hot glue to the edge of the ornament before putting the top back on. Doing this will ensure the top stays on and will be easy enough for your recipient to take off. This is optional but highly recommended.

Next, you’ll want to get the lavender bath soak tags.  

The Perfect Relaxing DIY Teacher Gift - Lavender bath soak

Once you have the tags in your inbox, download them, then print, cut and hole punch each of the tags. I recommend printing them on a heavier weight cardstock for the best results. You can also print them on printer paper and glue them to cardstock if you like.

Attach a tag to each ribbon, and you’re done. This recipe makes 

To use the bath soak, pour 2 to 3 tablespoons under running water in your bathtub and relax!

More Fun DIY Teacher Gift Ideas

*Depending on the size if your coffee grinder or food processor, you may need to do this in small batches.

What’s your favorite bath soak scent? Will  you make a DIY teacher gift for the holidays?

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