Speckled Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Looking for a fun and unique Easter DIY craft that you’ll love and adore? These Speckled Easter Egg Bath Bombs are perfect for the upcoming Easter holiday! Y’all know I’m a little bath bomb nuts, right? But I seriously just can’t help myself. I find bath bombs super relaxing, and just what I need after a long day of “momming”. (Is that even a word? If not, I’m coining it.)

Speckled Easter Egg Bath Bombs

And while I have bath bombs for all different seasons and times of the year, I recently discovered that I didn’t have any specific bath bomb for Easter.

Not cool.

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Colorful Speckled Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Who says that Easter just has to be for little kids to fun around and find Easter eggs? I’m 100% fine with making my own Easter egg bath bombs and having them find their way to my tub. Seriously.

So, what do you say? We’re a few months into the New Year, and it’s about time that we give ourselves an evening of pampering. Make up this super simple homemade bath bombs and give your feet and body a rest!

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Ready to create your very own DIY bath bombs? Let’s get started with this fun recipe!

Citric Acid bath bombs

Speckled Easter Egg Bath Bombs

And while you can make and keep these for yourself, these could also be a fun “gift” for your adult friends on Easter, too! All adults deserve a relaxing day every now and then!

Ingredients to make homemade bath bombs:

Supplies need to create this DIY bath bombs:

Directions to make Easter Egg Bath Bombs:

egg shaped bath bomb

  • Start by mixing together the dry ingredients first (Epsom salt, baking soda, cornstarch, and citric acid). When mixing, make certain that you’re using a whisk. Mix well to get rid of any clumps and lumps._ epsom salt bath bombs
  • Next, you’re going to pour the wet ingredients (olive oil, water, soap colorant, and fragrance oil) into your jar. Screw on the lid so it’s tight and give it a shake!
  • Remove the lid and start to slowly add the liquid mixture to the dry mixture, just doing a few drops at a time. And while you’re adding, you need to be whisking the entire time. If you notice the mixture starting to fizz, that means you aren’t pouring it slow enough. And if it starts to fizz, that’s bad and it means that you need to start the whole process all over again.
  • Once you’ve added the liquid mixture entirely into the dry mixture, it’s time to mix very well again until the color is consistent. _citric acid bath bombs
  • Once the color is achieved, it’s time to mix in the sprinkles.
  • Next, you are going to want to immediately fill the molds with the mixture. Make certain that you’re stuffing it in their tightly so each side is full.speckled bath bombs
  • Bring together both sides of the plastic egg together so it’s closed really, really well. Let it rest for 24 hours.
  • When that time has passed, open up the plastic eggs and remove the molded bath bombs. You can store them in an airtight container or sealable bags.
  • If you find that the plastic eggs are difficult to open, use a butter knife to go along the cracks to be able to twist open the egg.

And just like that, you’ve created awesome and festive Easter Egg Bath Bombs!

easter bath bombs

Have you ever made your own Easter Egg bath bombs before?

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