Energizing Matcha Drink Recipes

Have you every bought something because it was organic and a “deal” on Amazon? Yeah… me either. Well, not usually. Except when I’ve been heavily researching something and it comes up when I log in to buy something else. And it’s organic. And green. FINE. Let’s make some matcha drink recipes then.

20 Energizing Matcha Drink Recipes

It was matcha green tea powder. And it was a while ago. See, I’ve been on a bit of a Konmari kick, so I’m going through my cupboards and drawers and getting rid of anything that doesn’t bring me joy… and that matcha? Well, I honestly wasn’t sure since I’d never gotten the nerve to try it.

Energizing Matcha Drink Recipes

Until this week.

What is Matcha?

Matcha is finely milled green tea powder. It was a staple ingredient in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. You could say it’s got a rich history.

For what it’s worth, matcha is basically green tea leaves that have been stone-ground into a delicate powder. I know there’s more to it than that, but that was the gist of all my research.

So, it’s green tea, which means it’s good for us…but does it taste good? Everyone said that it was different than regular green tea. And they were right.

The first recipe I tried was a smoothie recipe. I was hooked. It was so, so good. And green. The boys thought that was really cool.

So we tried some more recipes…and I realized that I probably wasn’t the only one with a bag of matcha powder sitting in my cupboard unused.

Matcha Drink Recipes

  1. Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte from celebratingsweets.com
  2. Moringa Matcha And Kale Smoothie from forksandstraws.com
  3. Matcha Green Tea And Pineapple Smoothie from feastingathome.com
  4. Enlightened Decadence from enlightened-decadence.com
  5. Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte from pinchofyum.com
  6. Matcha And Cacao Nib Smoothie from jessiskitchen.com
  7. Spicy Matcha Margaritas from wickedspatula.com
  8. Vanilla Matcha Smoothie from betterwithcake.com
  9. Vanilla Almond Matcha And Chocolate Lava “Shake” from halfbakedharvest.com
  10. Matcha Green Bubble Tea†from bakewithchristina.com
  11. Chia Matcha Overnight Breakfast Smoothie from cottercrunch.com
  12. Matcha Berry Smoothie from delightfulmomfood.com
  13. Matcha Green Tea Latte from cookingwithawallflower.com
  14. Detox Matcha Banana Kale Smoothie from tastefulventure.com
  15. Matcha Green Tea Mojito from sinfulnutrition.com
  16. Cucumber Matcha Cocktail from recipesfromapantry.com
  17. Morning Mint Matcha Milkshake from snixykitchen.com
  18. Matcha Mojito Recipe from sugarandcharm.com
  19. Iced Matcha Green Tea FrappÈ With Coconut Whip from crazyvegankitchen.com
  20. Keto Matcha Rocket Fuel Latte from healthfulpursuit.com

Health Benefits of Matcha

Because matcha is made from high-quality green tea, you are ingesting whole tea leaves (in powdered form). This means that matcha is a far more potent source of nutrients than regular bagged green tea.

Matcha is full of polyphenols, a type of antioxidant that has been linked to protection against heart disease and cancer.

Polyphenols also help with blood sugar regulation, blood pressure reduction, and have anti-aging peroperties.

A polyphenol called EGCG has been shown in research to boost metabolism, too. That’s reason enough to keep drinking it for me!

Which matcha drink recipe do you want to try first?

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