Easy DIY Peppermint Essential Oil Shower Steamers

Needing to give your sinuses a break from the wrath of Mother Nature? These DIY Peppermint Essential Oil Shower Steamers may be just what you need. Just drop one at the bottom of the shower and allow it to fill your shower with a peppermint aroma as you wash away.

Winter is here with a vengeance, and my sinuses are definitely feeling it.

I seriously don’t think I can sniff or sneeze anymore than I already am and I know that the boys are tired of hearing me talk about how annoying my sinus pressure is.

This winter, I’ve decided it’s time that I take charge of my nose. My saving grace? These super simple DIY Peppermint Shower Steamers.

I just love a good shower steamer and having the ability to create ones that smell like peppermint? Pure bliss. Any time I can do anything to feel better AND smell better, I’m 100% game.

(PS. These shower steamers also make AH-mazing gifts for your friends and family members as well. If you’re willing to share, I’m sure they’ll love ya forever for gifting these to them.) I like to call this my aromatherapy shower steamers.

Essential Oil Shower SteamersHow To Make Homemade Essential Oil Shower Steamers

What I love most about these shower steamers? Super duper simple to make. Like, crazy simple. While they look like they should take a while, they don’t. (and besides, who has time for that?)

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Ingredients for Peppermint Essential Oil Shower Steamers

Yields: 1 dozen

Directions for Peppermint Essential Oil Shower Steamer

Add the baking soda to a large metal or glass mixing bowl.

shower steamers without citric acidBegin by mixing in 1/4 cup of water.  Add slightly more and stir, as needed, until the mixture resembles damp sand.  (slowly add the water as you don’t want to add too much accidentally!)

diy shower steamers recipeAdd in the peppermint essential oil and mix together again to help spread out the oil.

Transfer the mixture into the molds and press down firmly.

Insert a candy cane icing decoration into the middle of each shower steamer, pressing down gently (too firmly and it might break). Be careful here!

diy shower steamers

Allow hardening in the mold overnight.  The next day, carefully pop out each peppermint shower steamer. (Aren’t they pretty, ya’ll?) Place them in an airtight container for storage.

I recommend using them within 1 month of making them for the best results possible.

How do you use shower steamers?

Valid question, right? Now that you’ve taken the time to make the shower steams, what are you supposed to actually do with them?

Once you’ve popped them out of the mold, take 1-2 shower melts and place them on the floor of your shower. (Make certain they’re away from the stream of water.)

The steam and heat from the shower will release the invigorating and uplifting aroma of peppermint slowly and make you feel like you’ve gone to peppermint shower steamer heaven!

shower steamer recipeHave you ever used essential oil shower steamers before?


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