Easy DIY Autumn-Scented Foaming Hand Soap

Yesterday, I told the boys to go wash their hands.

Simple, right?

Less than 2.7 seconds later, I ran to the bathroom because there was screaming. Turns out, one of them (neither will admit fault here) thought it would be fun to “skate” on my bathroom floor with the foaming hand soap.

There they both were, in their socks, “skating” on the linoleum floors using the handsoap to “improve” their glide.

I should have been upset. But I just started laughing uncontrollably. I think that sometimes as parents, that’s the best option, don’t you?

So there I am laughing, they’re having a ball and cleaning my floors, and my only concerns were cleaning it up and how on earth I was going to get more hand soap without going to the store with both of them.

To recap:

  1. I was suddenly out of hand soap
  2. I have a very clean bathroom floor

While the boys mopped up the mess (it was super simple-just took a few towels and some time in the tub), I dove into my “DIY” supplies to see if I had all the things to make more foaming soap.

Because no way was I taking them out in public.

Turns out I had everything I needed, so I decided to make their refill fall-scented (which is totally worth it, by the way-the essential oils I picked went together super well!).

So, while they cleaned up, I refilled the soap, and returned it to their bathroom, along with a set of rules for the appropriate use of soap, and how it should not be used to skate on the floor.

Because honestly.

foaming hand soapDIY Autumn-Scented Foaming Hand Soap

Ingredients for Autumn-Scented Foaming Hand Soap

Directions for Autumn-Scented Foaming Hand Soap

Grab a foaming soap bottle (I just reused one that we already had, but I originally got them on Amazon).

diy soap recipePour equal parts castile soap, vegetable glycerin, and distilled water to about 3/4 of the way full in your container.

Honestly, there aren’t more accurate measurements than this, Y’all.

how to make foaming soapMix your oils in a small glass bowl, and pour them into your soap mixture.

how to make soap with essential oilsPlace the pump on your bottle and vigorously shake it for about 30 seconds to make sure that everything is well mixed.

If you want to get fancy, you can print off a label (I just used some stickers) for your soap. If you’re planning to give this as a gift, I highly recommend that you do this!

This soap smells like heaven and gets even the grossest hands nice and clean.

And, as the seasons change, it’s really easy to change the scents you use-next month I’ll be adding some Christmas Spirit to my foaming hand soap instead of my autumn blend! Try out my soothing oatmeal bath bombs as well or bath jellies!

foaming hand soap with essential oilsHave you made your own foaming hand soap before?

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