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For those of you who don’t know…I’m a bit obsessed with anything that has to do with barre-type workouts. Tracy Anderson, Physique 57, Bar Method, Cardio Barre, Exhale, Squeeze…ummm…yeah. And I am the first to admit that this type of obsession can be a tad expensive. I have a great list of free workout videos below. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get in shape, use these free workout videos!  Plus check out my eco-friendly workout tips as well.


I’m here to help with 100+ FREE Barre & Pilates Workout Videos!


I’m all for trying before you buy. I think that you should understand EXACTLY what you’re getting yourself into. I’ve been keeping a list of all the free ‘barre’ workouts, and I figured that rather than hoard them all, I’d share. Isn’t that nice of me?

While each workout has its benefits, I STRONGLY recommend that if you are new to barre workouts, you start with Bar Method. Burr (the founder) gives excellent instruction, and the workouts aren’t ones that will seem insurmountable to a beginner (and from someone who’s done a lot of barre workouts, they’re also nice when you want a good workout but don’t really feel like curling up in the fetal position after your workout).

Free Workout Videos


Make sure that before you start diving into these free workout videos you warm up first!


POP Pilates

POP Pilates (or pop-up pilates) has a whole slew of amazing workout videos on YouTube!

You can download the free Beginner Workout Calendar

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Booty Barre

The Look-Good-Naked Barre Workout
Abs and Core Workout
Legs & Booty Shaper
Sculpted Arms
Abs & Flexibility
Intermediate Class
Booty Barre

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Cardio Barre

Dancer’s Body
Lower Body Shred

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The Ballet Physique

Define Your Legs & Glutes
Side Seat Burner
Carve Beautiful Abs
Get Chiseled Arms

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Squeeze Stronger

Thighs and Legs 




More Free Workout Videos!


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