Fun Exercises for Kids to do Anywhere (and you can join, too!)

The winter struggle is real. Trying to find ways to keep the kids active and entertained is a reality we all face. Luckily, these fun exercises for kids can be done anytime, anywhere!

It’s important as a family to find ways to stay active and healthy. And while you might feel that the exercises that you do as an adult might not be quite suitable for your kids, there are ways that you can find alterations that might work.

One thing is for certain…in order for your kids to want to join in on the fun, keeping the exercises a bit silly and creative is the key!

Fun Exercises for Kids to do Anywhere (and you can join, too!)

It’s no secret that during the winter months, kids just want to sit around and do nothing. Heck, we even feel that way as adults at times, right?

But instead of giving in to them and their want to not do anything, instead, start incorporating these fun exercises for kids.

Remember to lead by example and join in on the fun as well. It’s a great way to get healthy and active together as a family while having so much fun!

Jumping Jack Attack

Who doesn’t love doing jumping jacks? But the standard ones start to get a little boring, especially in the eyes of kids. Instead of just doing them the regular way, add in a bit of fun.

Set the timer and have 30 seconds of jumping jacks on one foot, 30 seconds of jumping jacks on the other foot, and 30 seconds of jumping jacks while they’re singing their favorite song.

This is certain to have the time pass by quickly while also getting them to move their body!

Now you see me….now you don’t

This fun exercise is like a combination of hide-and-seek and sprints. It’s basically a way to get them to run and hide quickly in bursts of sprinting.

And then, it will be up to you to find them…make certain that you’re running around as well. The catch? Every minute that you don’t find them, you have to pause, close your eyes, and tell them to run to a new location and hide.

That way, they’re running and hiding, getting a bit of rest, and then having to run and hide again.

Be ready…if your child is a good hider, this is going to be a great way to get some decent exercise for everyone involved!

Yoga Yogi Bear

Let’s be real with one another…sometimes; as a parent, you just have to get a bit creative in finding a way to get your kids to exercise.

And while the intent may be to get the kids to turn off the TV and step away from the electronics, there are ways that you can use those electronics for good as well.

Introducing a new exercise to your child can be difficult, but if you introduce it with one of their fun shows, the outcome can be more positive.

One fun way is to try yoga with your child while watching and enjoying Yogi Bear. Think of it as a fun play on words but another avenue to get their bodies active and moving as well.

Follow the Leader

We probably all remember this game growing up, right? You do what the leader does. Plain and simple.

And while the game is fun as it is, you can totally take it and turn it into something different and new for healthy living as well.

You’ll need to start out being the leader and showing your little one how it works.

Touch your toes so they’ll touch their toes.

Stretch to the ceiling so they’ll stretch to the ceiling.

Run outside and jog around the house three times, so they do the same….

See where I’m going with this? When you combine exercise with fun, kids are just automatically going to be on board.

With the winter months being a time where most people just let their kids do “whatever,” it’s essential to keep them on track and keep their bodies active.

Talk to them about the importance of staying healthy and show them that exercising can be fun. It’s not all about getting on a treadmill or doing something that they don’t enjoy just because they don’t know any different.

Introduce these fun exercises for kids and watch their eyes light up. They’ll love doing them and even more? They’ll love being able to do them with you.

Make memories with your children this winter while making your bodies healthy and active as well. They’re certain to remember the moments that you spend chasing each other around the house way more than what levels they beat on a video game!

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Do you have any tips for fun exercises for kids?

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