How to Get in Better Shape (and Lose the Excuses)

When it comes to our health, a lot of us make excuses for what we eat and how often we exercise. Why? Because the truth is we just don’t feel like we are in the right place to knock ourselves into better shape.

The fact is that we could make excuses forever, and never take steps to get into better shape. But if we do that, we are putting our health and happiness on the line.

For a lot of people, the reason that they aren’t keen to diet and get fitter is that it’s hard to break the cycle of eating unhealthy and making no time to exercise.

Get in Better Shape

Wondering what the cycle is – here’s how it works: you feel bad about your appearance, you eat to comfort yourself, you start a new diet and exercise plan feeling optimistic, you mess it up, you blame yourself for lacking will power and begin to feel bad, then the cycle starts again. If you are ever going to be healthy, you need to break this cycle.

The good news is that it is possible to break this cycle and get into the habit of eating healthily and exercising regularly, it’s just a case of knowing what steps to take to do that.

To be able to make a go of leading a healthier life, you need to look at your excuses and realize that they aren’t valid. Below is a list of the most common excuses for not leading a healthy life and solutions to them…

“It’s too expensive to eat well and exercise!”

One of the most common reasons people claim they can’t lose weight or get in shape is because it’s too expensive. Sure, eating organic foods and joining a gym does come with an added cost, but those aren’t the only choices.

You don’t have to eat organic foods to be healthy, just lots of fresh, wholesome ones. As for working out, you can exercise anywhere – in your garden, on the way to work, at work even – so a gym isn’t a necessity for getting into better shape.

“I don’t have the time.”

Everyone is busy, there’s no getting away from that fact, but that’s no excuse not to take care of yourself. Let’s start with healthy meals – a slow cooker allows you to make healthy meals in less than five minutes by throwing all the ingredients in and turning it on, ready for when you get home from work.

There are plenty of healthy one-pot meals that you can make.

Another option could be to use a diet meal delivery company to get your food. The fact is, even if you are super busy, there are ways around your lack of time. As for exercise, as mentioned above, you can workout anywhere. Instead of driving, you can walk to work! 

Some other tips you can accomplish are completing planks while you watch TV or doing a session of Pilates before work.  You can do squats while cooking. There isn’t an excuse not to exercise due to a lack of time.

“My diet & exercise plans always get messed up.”

This one is a little silly. A diet and exercise plan is only messed up if you give up on it. Just because you eat one brownie, miss one workout, or have a bad food/exercise day, that doesn’t mean your health kick is ruined.

If you get back on track the next day and keep it up, that one cake you indulged in or that workout you missed won’t matter.

“I’ll just gain the weight back again.”

No, you won’t – not if you stick to eating healthily and exercising. Don’t think of it as a diet and workout regimen that you will need to do for a set period, think of it as a lifestyle change. To remain at a healthy weight and good level of fitness, you will need to continue leading a healthy life, else, of course, you will put the weight back on.

You know those people you see who are wonderfully slim and toned? They work at it every day by making healthy choices, and you will need to too.

Make an effort to put your excuses aside and start making healthy changes, and you will soon see results. On those days where you lack motivation, think of all the benefits that getting into better shape will give you.

What excuse do you tell yourself?

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