Getting Healthy Doesn’t Have to Be Overwhelming

If you ask anyone who’s been considering switching to a healthier lifestyle, what has been holding them up?  Chances are, they will say either:

  1. they don’t have the time, or
  2. they don’t know where to even begin.

getting healthy

I know that even one small part of getting healthy can seem daunting enough to make you want to give up before you start.  When I simply wanted to switch to a gluten free diet, I felt like I would never know what it was in, what it wasn’t in, what words I should be looking for, and what products were okay to replace it with!

In fact, I was so paralyzed by just the idea of switching all of my food over, that I put it off for a long time (too long).  

But the truth is, switching over to a healthier lifestyle does NOT have to be overwhelming.  Are you simply wanting to cut out a few items in your diet? Or do you want to start a whole new way of eating? When you approach getting healthy the right way, you (or your body) don’t get overwhelmed.

First, you don’t have to do it all at once.

I think was one of the biggest “comforts” for me when I decided to start eating cleaner, because the idea of doing all of it at once paralyzed me!  Instead of trying to do a COMPLETE overhaul on your kitchen cabinets and fridge, why not approach things as you run out of them?

If you’ve decided to cut out dairy but you just bought a new gallon of milk, it’s okay to wait a few more days.  Granted, if you are discovering that you have a strong sensitivity to dairy, then you might be miserable for a few more days!  But the point is, you can wait until you are running out of an item (and will need to replace it anyway), and then re-stock it with the new, healthier option.  

Second, you’ll have to go through some trial and error (and that’s okay).

Even those of us with the best intentions, may realize a few days or weeks into a new eating or exercise regimen, that it’s not the best fit for our bodies.  I’m not talking about giving up on something simply because you’re tired or you miss the taste of McDonald’s french fries.  Sometimes, you may realize that even a healthy eating habit might not agree with you.

For example, when I first switched to a Paleo diet, I realized that my body was having difficulty digesting all of the meat.  Some people are okay with it, but my digestive system was not able to break down all of that fat and protein properly, so I ended up having to re-adjust the amount of meat I was taking in.

And that’s okay!  

You probably won’t get it right on the first try, but don’t give up.  Keep tweaking things until you find what works best for your body!

And lastly, make it fun!

Health and wellness is not (or shouldn’t be) a chore or a hassle.  It’s the key to you feeling your very best! It’s what makes you able to enjoy all the other parts of life like spending time with your friends and family. So, lighten up and make sure you are having fun!

Try experimenting with new recipes, make a day out of going to the farmers’ market or even try a different kind of exercise like rock climbing or a hip-hop dance class.

The point is for you to start feeling good, both mentally and physically, so make sure you are having a good time doing it!

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