Gluten Free Apple Zucchini Muffins

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Y’all know I love Texas. Like, seriously.

Possibly more than I love the boys…okay, maybe as much as I love them. There’s just something magical about this state. And if you don’t live here, you really won’t get it. So I’ll try to explain it.

11351131_10202796746799396_3010017600284534881_nI love that I can walk down the street, go to a park, or walk into HEB and have a host of strangers friends say ‘howdy’ (literally-we actually say that down here.). I love wearing my Aggies colors and seeing smiles and “Gig ‘Em”…or evil glares that involve horns.

I love that Football shuts down the city on Friday Night-businesses let off early, schools let out, and everyone goes to the high school stadium. Which definitely rivals anything in the big leagues.

I love that there are so many different parts of the state-I may live in Houston, but my two favorite places are Galveston and Austin. I just love the beach and the quirky.

I love that it’s warm enough to spend Easter at the beach…and that you’ll probably not need a coat during the day. I love that it rarely snows [where I live]. And when it does, everyone takes the day off.


I also love having nearly unlimited access to locally grown, locally sourced foods. There are so many produce coops! And even bigger brands are getting in on Texas Pride and sourcing locally-kind of like LoneStar Eggs!

11886173_10203207760314477_1273338368684983409_oWhich brings me to another love of mine: eggs. I eat eggs for breakfast Sometimes I eat them for lunch and dinner, too. My boys (all of them-including the cat) love eggs. Of course, everyone has their preference…Smalls prefers them fried to a crisp, The Baby loves scrambled eggs and bacon (which is why you’ll see a lot of them on my Instagram!), Ish prefers them over medium, and I love a good, runny egg.

Of course, cooking a million different breakfasts just won’t work most mornings. We simply don’t have time, which is why I started making egg cups. Having something that is delicious and grab-and-go most mornings saves my bacon. *ahem*

But (and I’m baring my soul here)…I’m a bit sick of your standard egg cup.


But y’all have to remember-we’re going on 3 months of the same thing for breakfast.



So, this weekend, I got a little bit creative. At first, I was terrified. What if we didn’t like it? But then I thought for a bit…and decided to make some apple zucchini muffins.

And you know what? They are awesome!

So, I thought I’d share the recipe with you. Because I’m nice. Also because these are seriously delicious and I don’t think they’re going to last…Smalls is sneaking another one as I type!

Looking for something delicious and gluten free? Try these awesome muffins!

Gluten Free Apple Zucchini Muffins

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