Gluten Free Creamy Cajun Jambalaya

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I loved our Disney trip, but I miss posting recipes! So I’m taking a detour from our trip recap (more to come next week-including Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and LEGOland + LEGOland Hotel!) to share a recipe that I made a few weeks ago and posted on Instagram.

Y’all. I got no less than 25 requests for the recipe minutes after it posted. While this may not be a lot-it was huge for me. So here you go!


I love jambalaya. And it’s a dish I haven’t made since going Paleo…probably because the one time I tried I used cauliflower rice and it wasn’t great. But when we got home from our trip, I was craving something homey, and Ish suggested jambalaya…just no couli-rice this time.

I thought about it…and realized that I’d been eating more gluten free than Paleo (as witness by my bloated waistline), so I agreed. One more “cheat” meal.

Y’all. This was totally worth it.

Creamy Cajun Jambalaya

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